Grand Bahama MP flew his wife into Nassau to say Happy Birthday to her in the Parliament! Dis dude ain’t use!


MPs does now come to the House to celebrate dey wife birthday and drop the People’s Business on the side!

MP for Central Grand Bahama Iram Lewis.

Nassau- The Parliament came to a halt Wednesday morning so the MP of Central Grand Bahama could announce his wife’s birthday in the House.

The MP asked the Speaker’s permission to recognize his wife to announce her birthday. Mrs. Lewis was then acknowledged as a special guest as the MP celebrated her on her birthday, making a spectacle in the Parliament.

Now most readers forget but this same Iram Lewis who once lived just off West Bay Street with an MP who delivered him plenty contractual work during the construction of the National Stadium. Dese people gats no shame!

As one spectator in the gallery said, “Maybe the MP wanted to send a clear message to his former lover, but this foolishness inside the FNM is getting out a hand!” A complete abuse of the Parliament!

We report yinner decide!