Grandmother and young woman stabbed in Yellow Elder blade attack


This is not the victim in YELLOW ELDER, but a file PHOTO used instead.

Young schoolgirl arm broken for a blackberry by thieves!

Nassau, Bahamas — An almost 80-year-old woman was stabbed by a man who attacked her last evening at a home on Graham Drive  in Yellow Elder.

Bahamas Press agents on the ground tell us that the victim attempted to stop the stabbing of a 24-year-old, Inderia Thompson, who was attacked by a man at the residence. The incident took place around 5:30 pm yesterday.

Now get this: according to eyewitnesses, BP has learnt the suspect approached the young mother, who at the time was collecting her child from the residence, and it was then that she was attacked and stabbed repeatedly by the suspect. As the elderly lady attempted to stop the violent incident, she, too, was attacked by the suspect who  pushed her to the ground. The suspect then used his sharp blade to slash the arm of Matilda Cox who is 78-years-old.

When police arrived at the crime scene they met Thompson badly wounded and Matilda bleeding from the arm. The suspect was nabbed and taken into custody. The suspect is a 31-year-old resident of Kennedy Sub-division.

Meanwhile yesterday another horrifying incident took place, this time just outside the Donald Davis Junior High School Gymnasium.

Bahamas Press has learnt, that two men approached a 16-year-old student of Government High and twisted her arm, breaking it.

Eyewitnesses tell us, after breaking the young girl’s arm, the bandits then robbed her of two Blackberry cell phones. The young student was left on the ground to fend for herself as she waited for EMS officials to arrive.  The suspects fled the crime scene and, yes, got away.

The incident raises the question as to where are the police in the schools as promised by the Government? Are police really in the school? This cannot be the case.



  1. I could almost tell you just what happened without being at the scene or even knowing the circumstances or the people involved. Okay, if I am wrong please forgive me, but most of the time it‘s like this: See, too much of these young girls like mixing up with these thugs and they know these people wasn’t nobody when they first meet them, but yet they still enter into these relationship with them. When these thugs going around stealing and fooling with other people and causing problems in our society, these girls don’t have any problem with that, in fact they are there encouraging them to do these things to people. The only time they have a problem with it is when these thugs start turning on them. I am almost certain this woman and her attacker was in a relationship together and now the relationship gone sour, he wants to kill her. When you see things like this happening, it‘s usually these love gone wrong type of situation. Now, this old woman decided to get involved, thinking where she is an elderly lady he wouldn’t have stabbed her. Back in the day he might have let her off the hook , but this is a new generation of vipers and they have no respect for age or anything. The only thing they understand is how to destroy and self destruct. Sometimes you would like to be a good Samaritan, but sometimes it is just best to mind your own business, because some of these people who find themselves in these kind of dilemma they only have themselves to blame. I wish the elderly lady a speedy and full recovery, those young people should have carried their drama somewhere else and not get this innocent old woman involved.

  2. no, the incident raises the question as to why the hell a high school girl has two blackberrys in the first place.

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