GREEDY ATLANTIS hires Public Domain to present a poll they paid for against the new RCI Development!



Live photo at ATLANTIS…

NASSAU| The BIG GREEDY Hotel, what we now call Atlantis on Paradise Island, has now made clear its bold attack against a coming development on the island.

GREEDY Atlantis, who has fought locals and locally owned businesses, is now fighting RCI development in hoping to keep outgrowing competition on Paradise Island.

The Greedy Atlantis has now hired the services of Public Domain to script a poll to suggest that Bahamians are against the new development on the western end of the island. 

Now, if you know Public Domain like BP, you would know that you can buy a poll to tell members of the public just what they want to hear. 

Public Domain was the poll used to tell FNM Maxine supporters in SeaBreeze that she was to become the elected Member of Parliament for the area. Well, we all know how that ended in 2021.

Public Domain was also the polling company of choice to tell Bahamians “YES” would find success in the Gender Referenda – well, yinner now know that poll itself fell flat.

But today, GREEDY ATLANTIS, who is furiously against any competition and, we now believe, in a public fight with the Government of the Day, wants to show newspapers a poll they paid for from Public Domain that says Bahamians are against a new development on Paradise  Island. WHAT A LIE?!

Bahamas Press is one step ahead of the lie and is warning GREEDY ATLANTIS: Do not go there!

But get this, our agents are everywhere and even they got the call from the pollsters, and you can tell the poll is geared towards a predetermined outset! 

When they called our agents they were quick to jot down the questions, one of them so ridiculous we had to laugh. They asked if it would be better if RCL invested their money in downtown Nassau versus their own property on Paradise Island!! What kind of stupidness is that?!? 

But it’s part of the narrative Atlantis has been trying to push. They failed on their drummed up environmental concerns. So now they want the public to believe that Royal Caribbean’s beach club will take tourists off Bay Street! Nothing can be further from the truth. But that doesn’t stop Greedy Atlantis from creating fake Facebook pages to push that narrative. 

Oh what a wicked game Audrey Oswell is playing!! We wonder if the bosses at Brookfield know what she’s doing and if they support it. Our spies tell us that time will tell as Oswell is reportedly on the chopping block if she can’t block this deal. 

That is why they are paying for this fake poll to share with the Nassau Guardian next week. But BP is always one step ahead of them.

Despite all of Atlantis’ antics Bahamians actually welcome the new development of RCI and want ATLANTIS to find a real owner who has the best interests of its employees at heart. 

Don’t pay for a poll, GREEDY Atlantis – Come Clean and stop being GREEDY!

We report yinner decide!