Greedy Revs embarrassed FNM Candidate who couldn’t produce the funds…


Rev told hardworking PLP MP his large $500 offering was not enough! Politicians gets robbed by Pastor! WELL WAIT!

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Nassau, Bahamas – We are in the Silly Season already and, if you don’t believe us, just follow what transpired at the Life Changers Church on Bacardi Road last Sunday when the greedy Revs showed the public they had no shame.

Rev. “Coffee” Roberts was the guest preacher at the church of Rev. Valentino Williams. When it was time for the offering to be made, it was a real spectacle with three of the politicians vying for the seat in the upcoming elections.

Rather than appreciating the contributions of the politicians, Roberts dashed down from the pulpit to tear open the envelopes given by the three politicians.

The envelope of the current MP Michael Halkitis contained $500, but the greedy Rev shouted, “That us not enough! You need to give $1,000!”

FNM candidate Gibson began to sweat as he told an usher he gatta make up his portion. The amount to BP was unknown, but according to persons it was a cheap contribution.

The third politician from the DNA was the wealthiest of the three but also didn’t have $500 to contribute to the collection plate. What in da hell is dis?!

Bahamas Press, though, finds these developments disgusting, VICKED, UNCHRISTIAN, UNHOLY and in poor taste!

Why are preachers in this country continuing to suck the nation dry, just to fuel their damnable Bentley habits and plush unchristian lifestyles?

This is WRONG!

We report yinner decide!