Group gets its account funds placed on hold by GoFundMe after failure to account for past funds!

Scenes from Abaco’s devastation in the aftermath of Hurricane Dorian.

NASSAU| GOFUNDME has blocked access to the account of a major relief group which operated in the Bahamas following several disasters.

The group, we are learning, managed over $2M in relief funds during Hurricane Joaquin relief back in 2015. It also collected more than a half-million dollars from local and international donors during the last few tragic events in the Bahamas.

However, BP can confirm GOFUNDME has discovered that the account was tied to a US bank account of one member of the group, who was an American citizen.

The organization, we are learning, also failed to report WHAT WAS DONE WITH THE MONEY. Apparently, they have no proper business infrastructure and failed to comply with the rules!

Now, yinner know BP is the one real media team that tracks down this information!

During the last relief exercise by the group, tons of supplies collected to help and assist the people of Long Island vanished on flatbeds and trucks, with little to no accounting as to where it all went.

The Bahamas Government has constantly warned donors to identify “credible and reputable organizations” with proven track records to assist in disaster relief efforts for Hurricane Dorian. The government has, however, failed to identify this one, which we know has deep roots in the community of Long Island, as a reliable organization.

GoFundMe is seriously investigating the group and its American organizer with ties to the Bahamas. They want the group to account and explain where all that money went in the last fundraising efforts. At present more than half a million dollars have been raised for the relief efforts at GoFundMe by the group. The FBI may soon start knocking on doors right here in the capital.

We report yinner decide!


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