Local militia blocking the road to stop looters in Abaco

Local militia in Abaco protecting life and property.

BP BREAKING| We are learning that only one police officer is stationed in Treasure Cay, Abaco. 

A plane landed there and was robbed immediately. There are reports of deaths far in excess of what is being reported. 

We are also learning of reports that, when survivors land in Nassau, they’re being told not to speak about all the deaths and seeing the many dead bodies all across Abaco. 

Photos shown here of a local Abaco militia blocking the road to stop looters in the area.


  1. I’ve been told that the picture on this article is from a prior hurricane in the US. If so, how can we trust the rest of the article???? You might want to check on it.

  2. When the “government” can’t, or won’t help the population they’re supposed to protect, the citizens will themselves will take care of things. Here in the USA this is a prime example of why our 2nd Amendment is so important to us. Police are a reactionary force more than they are a preventative force. As long as there’s a storm threatening land somewhere in the Gulf of Mexico or the Atlantic, the Hurricane Watch Net is active with a LOT of us ham operators listening to the frequencies of 7.268 mhz and 14.325 mhz (when conditions allow). Find a ham operator and make sure they know those freqs if you know of anyone who needs to get a message out, we’ll do our best to help or to get the messages relayed. Best of luck yall

    • You are the first person that made a logical reason for the 2nd amendment that I understand.

      • Remember World War II? Ever curious WHY Germany was able to roll over Europe so easily? Or why the USA had to air drop STEN machine guns into Britain and France for the Resistance?
        Wikipedia has a GREAT run down on the gun laws in the British Empire over the centuries, but one part stands out completely.
        “Firearms Act 1937
        The Firearms Act 1937 incorporated various modifications to the 1920 Act based on the recommendations of a 1934 committee chaired by Sir Archibald Bodkin. The resulting legislation raised the minimum age for buying a firearm or airgun from 14 to 17, extended controls to shotguns and other smooth-bore weapons with barrels shorter than 20 in (510 mm) (later raised by the Firearms Act 1968 to 24 in (610 mm), transferred certificates for machine guns to military oversight, regulated gun dealers, and granted chief constables the power to add conditions to individual Firearms Certificates.

        The same year, the Home Secretary ruled that self-defence was no longer a suitable reason for applying for a firearm certificate and directed police to refuse such applications on the grounds that “firearms cannot be regarded as a suitable means of protection and may be a source of danger” ”

        That last sentence, “firearms cannot be regarded as a suitable means of protection and may be a source of danger”, is the most absurd thing I’ve read. If firearms can’t be regarded as suitable for protection, then why do the police carry them? Why does the military? Why does the militia mentioned in the above article show them carrying weapons?

        2 years after the 1937 Act was passed, Hitler began his assault. It took a World assisting the French and British to defeat him in Europe.

        Imagine if here in the USA we had no weapons, except for the military and police. They who have the ability control the power. Not having firearms doesn’t remove the danger of misuse of other weapons, people will kill and harm one another with whatever they can get their hands on, sadly.

        I’m guessing these folks who have taken up arms in defense of themselves and their homes and that of their neighbors are a perfect example as to the need for one to be able to defend themselves against those who wish to do harm with whatever means necessary.

        Sorry for the rambling diatribe, thank you for your comment!

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