Gun battle erupts the quiet of Black Village


By Rodney Moncur

Police stormed Black Village after a midnight shooting on John Road, West of Hospital Lane around midnight. A young man was gunned down after over twenty shots were fired. Eyewitnesses said that the young man was rushed to Hospital in a private vehicle and that the gunman fled into Black Village.

An heavily armed elite unit of the Police, pulled in the front of the home of the local Justice of the Peace and Workers Party Leader, Rodney Moncur.

The elite unit them closed down three of the main streets which leads into Black Village and took a former Police reservist into custody.

The midnight shooting on John Road, west, was the sixth shooting for Friday night where multiple injuries is said to have taken place all over Nassau. The songs from the John Street shooting could be heard in Black Village

Police officials appears to be visibly concerned over the many shootings, which have taken place all over the Island of New Providence. Residents of Black Village could be seen in their yards looking at the heavy police presence.


  1. Seems like the gun proliferation maybe in theory a build up of sorts the artillery on the street may match or out match that of our police and defense force. We need to be careful that we are not making things ripe for a revolt from the foreign element. While we squabble over trivial matters the underground is growing stronger in numbers and armed to the teeth. This is only one of many conspiracy theory’s out there….

    • There was a gun battle which erupted in the Ida Street area this morning. BIG SUNDAY and Nassau gone FUNKY! BOY, WE NEED CHANGE HERE!


  2. Hang, Hang, Hang. Too many guns in the sun. Charge parents who allow their children to be out all hours of the night unsupervised. Take away the T.V in prison. (1) meal a day and a bath every two days. A dog knows good treatment so if they are treated like this, they would think twice before committing crimes.

  3. As a very concerned citizen of our floundering country here is my advice to the authorities:
    (1) Amend the laws denying bail to repeat offenders
    (2) Push for swift justice especially in cases involving serious offences.
    (3)Apologise to Cheryl Grant Bethel
    (4)Encourage Pastors to install loud speakers outside their churches during funerals of slain young persons.
    It must be more than me as I notice that young persons congregate outside churches during funerals therefore they miss getting the message.
    (5)Have a real seminar addressing Crime that involves stakeholders and not just friends of the organizers.
    (6)Setup a Task Force of citizens to monitor serious cases so that the deficiencies can be addressed when needed.
    (7)Have the Police inform the public of the progress of serious cases and not just reporting when the Crimes occur.
    I have many more suggestions but space does not allow me.

    • @Russell Johnson, i was reliably told that almost half of the murders that takes in this country are committed by people out on bail or by someone who was in police custody within the last 12-18 months!

      Let that sink in!

      In other words, many of the murderers have had some previous contact with the police and the judicial system in some form.

      Like you pointed out, the main problems are the laws (the bail act) and the dysfunctional judicial system. The failure of these two areas are compounding the crime problem.

      Ant to add insult to injury, the guys in parliament dont have the will to take action and amend the laws. They just use the crime situation as a political football.

      Its a sad state we are in where we vote for people who dont want to fix nothing!

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