Gunmen entered Cost Right Food Store just after 7pm tonight


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A BREAKING BP NEWS ALERT: BP is reporting a daring evening robbery, which happened just after 7pm tonight. We are told shoppers at Cost Rite food store in the Town Center Mall witnessed three gunmen entering the store with high-powered weaponry.

The trio, we are told by eyewitnesses, demanded all cash from tellers and failing to comply would warrant a shoot to kill order by the lead gunmen! Shaken patrons also offered their money as the horrifying incident unfold.

The men made good their escape in a get-a-way car in an unknown direction. Bahamas Press advises shoppers to be vigilant of their surroundings while moving about this holiday season.


  1. You ppl fail to understand that the gov. is not to blame for this crime situation……this is a global problem……this is the result of the global recession! A hungry man is a dangerous man……people have lost hope….lost sight of who is their source……but I will not be discouraged…..God is still on our side….and he has been good to the Bahamas….we have so much to thank Him for!

    • Many times we sit and complain about the government allowing foreigners to come in and work our jobs, but its not the government, it’s us Bahamians. When we want a cheap rate, we hire the foreigners wether it’s to clean our yards, our cars, our house, or to work for a company. We need to stop pointing and take a look at ourselves. Cheap labour is never cheap, you pay one way or the other.

      If a store only hires foreign workers and you can see that, then stop being a client of that store, you will see a change, only when you make steps towards change.

  2. I’ve been away from home for the past 3 years and this is a very common story. Not cause it’s xmas time. They doin it all year round. And the government doesn’t seem to be doing anything to make a change. All they are doing is having fun running a company. They want to be “big time” so they focus on trying to be just that. And I am referring to the prime minister, the other politicians, the leader of the opposition and the police.

    What they spending all the Bahamas money on? Nothing that will help the people, thats for sure. And when the people are in trouble, who comes strolling in late ALL the time? I rest my case.

  3. Why didn’t the police come out in the opposite direction of Baillou Hill Road and go around the first roundabout and enter the mall from the mall’s entrance. They still would have been there in two minutes. You don’t need GCE’s or advisement for that ey?

  4. It is obvious that laws are not being enforced in this country. You got people who commit murder getting bail because their trial takes to long to come up. Or with the right lawyer criminals got off scott free. SO it is up to us the citizens who love our country to teach our children right from wrong. If we see our child coming home with expensive gifts and is not working we have to find out what is going on. Don’t let ya teenage daughter have men picking dem up and you stick ya head outside and say bring me back one conch snack. We can pray all day and all night, but if we do not take action sad will be our cry.

  5. It makes me sick to read the foolishness some peope post. We need first to pray and then to ensure that we do what we can to ensure that our children and famalies do the right thing and train our children in the right way by practicing what we preadh and living the talk. The Government did not kill or stage the robery. Stop your foolishness and point fingers at yourself.

  6. Observer, you’re point on, not only is our government inept it also embraces hopelessness for it’s people. No one can know for sure what was in thises guy’s mind to make them do what they did. Maybe they felt no connection with the country they lived in, because every industry that spare heads our coutry dosen’t belong to us, who knows what they were thinking one thing for sure our choice in 2007 might be a direct correlation….

  7. I think that the government needs to FOCUS on what’s really important right now and that’s the MAJOR issue of NATIONAL SECURITY! We have had to drive on the same bad roads for the last 20 + years and it didn’t harm anyone, so we would have been fine until the crime issue was resolved to wait for new roads. So why then when crime is at an all time high, they are choosing to spend money on paving the roads instead of using that money to fight crime ie: street cameras, hiring more police, educating the public on safety measures, offering cash rewards for crime tips, bringing in foreign police to advise as to how to go about fighting this new bandit style of crime, that our police seem not to know how to handle (no fault of their own). These are just a few of the things that could have been done with the road improvement money.

  8. It’s so sad when we continue to point fingers at all the wrong the government or the police has contributed to crime and these issues throughout the Bahamas that has already occurred. Instead of using all that energy by sitting and complaining, why don’t you all just write something constructive, like how best you can assist law enforcement and the Government to make things better. Stop liking man and reach out a helping hand. We in these times need to stop fighting, and complaining and work together to make a Better way for all of us because ain’t nothing going to change if the other Governing party was in power, and then we complain again. When will we understand that we fighting against ourselves.

  9. @spragga: Assuming the mall does decide to hire security as you suggest, who do you think will end up paying for the additional security? The poor, over-taxed customers of the Mall whose salaries are not increasing while the cost of electricity, gas, school fees, licensing fees etc.,etc. are increasing.
    @tones: no, we the poor people cannot afford to put a police station in the mall – we’ve already paid for one three doors away from the mall. Your suggestion really provoked a thought:was the road work/traffic-reversal done purely to benefit Brent Symonette and now the thinking may be to have us rent space from him in the mall for a Police station?????

  10. We’re in a state of Anarchy (a society without government). It is a GOVERNMENT’s responsibility to keep it’s citizenry safe. But the present one seems to be too busy lining their pockets and selling our birthright, and that of future generations, for a bowl of porridge to the highest bidder; whether it be foreigner or the local cartel. How every sad. God help us all!

    • Hubert Ingraham said there was never a riot nor was there anything to substantiate or conclude such. “NO EVIDENCE WHAT SO EVER!” Ingraham said. Despite the fact that the police were attacked, bottle and rocks were thrown wild into the streets and hurled into the officers direction. Despite the fact the police CALLED IN THE RIOT SQUAD AND ITS FULLY ARMED BUS! And BEC cut off power supply to the area. Despite the fact a police vehicle was firebombed and burned to ashes, ZNS van glass were broken and the Corporation’s camera man piss slapped, there was no riot. Even though the funeral home car, which came to collect the dead man, was vandalized by the angry mob, according to Ingraham nothing happened. What does get us is this; YINNER STILL TRUST WHAT THE DAMN LIAR SAYS!

      But then again Ingraham said the barefoot bandit “Committed NO CRIME WHATSOEVER!” Classified Informant #1622 been talking fool and telling LIES FOR YEARS!



    • the job gat to be there first, listen most of these people don’t want to rob any one but with times being so hard and tax being so heavy many business can afford to hire anyone. but if you think its bad in nassau go to freeport where all the jobs are being taken by foreigners. go to the airport and watch the tens of people coming into the country to work. out of the two hundred people passing through the airport 65% of them are here to work. and what makes it worst, they don’t have work permits and in some cases are told that they dont need it because it has been authorized by the government. the last time i check working without a workpermit is a crime but i guess the government can authorize people to break the law.

      my mother inlaw told a story about her friend who was outside weeding her yard. a young man passed by and begged for the job to weed the yard, expressing his need to earn some money, however, she was not in any position to give him the job because she herself had very little money living solely on old age pension. so the young man bent over and snatched her gold chain and ran off. i truly believe he wanted to work but there is no work so you can expect crime to escalate. driving through the streets of grand bahama you see more Asians and europeans in this city than the law allow. come on mannn, what do u think would happen when we can’t find food to eat someone will suffer and thats a sad thing this is something you cant pray way. something has to be done.

  11. i blame the mall & cost rite, they now that this time of the year arm robberies are at its highest, they should of had arm securities and police officers from the staff association to guard & keep that place safe..they jus wanted to be cheap,they should have known better, dont blame the police for this one..!!!

    • Thats backward thinking. The law should allow its good citizens the right to bear arms to protect themselves, their business, and their family, yet it does not in the Bahamas, also security guard companies should be trained and armed, then there is no need to pay thousands of dollars a month that the police association charges and additionally the cops could then be out doing the job they are not doing now.

  12. Am not surprised, I woek at the mall and a few month ago my car was broken into and it was reported and nothing was done. So all this is, is crime hitting close to home for many. I never found out who broke into the car nor did the police ever contacted me in regards to the report I made.

  13. These men along with other harden criminals do not fear the law. Therefore they should be dealt with accordingly. It has nothing to do with the road reversal as long as a man heart is made up to do a crime only the goo Lord could change his heart.

  14. I’m not at all surprised…with the Police Station a stone’s throw away (actually three properties away) the gangsters have calculated that the Police at the Grove Police station would now take at least 15 minutes to reach Cost Rite when previously they would have taken approx. two minutes to do so. Remember now: our inept government has put all those businesses on Blue Hill Road which are south of the Grove Police Station at extreme risk. They’ve reversed the traffic flow on Blue Hill Road, then to add insult to injury they’ve put large cement boulders in the middle of Robinson Rd. So how was the Grove Police station to respond quickly? They would have had to travel North on Blue Hill Road (away from the crime scene) onto to Palm Tree Ave., west on Palm Tree Ave. to Market st, (further away from the crime scene) then south on Market St. to Robinson, then west on Robinson to the crime scene!!!! If the robbers were on foot they would’ve made good their escape by the time the Police would have meandered to the crime scene. Surely this inept, uncaring, unresponsive government should be charged as an accomplice in this robbery!!!!

    • Rather than pointing fingers at the government yall should be flippin prayin that god changes the heart of these young men. Worrying about the motive and the reason for performing the crime does not change the fact that it happens. Be safe this christmas my fellow bahamians.. With Jesus in the wessell we could ride out the storm!

    • Excellent point!!! Now with the changing the direction of traffic you have to put a police sub-station on the mall property. This is essential because of the time it would take not only to respond to the mall but also to the numerous businesses on Robinson Road. Don’t forget two high schools, Golden Gates Shopping Centre and the new mall being built on Carmichael Road!!

      Lack of consultation with the business owners and citizens concerning the traffic direction change was not only deplorable but also evidently socially and economically cost excessive!!!!

    • I feel the same way. This type of “unintended consequence” happens when our elected officials allow unelected influence peddlers and oligarchs to suggest (dictate) strategies for development policy.
      We’ll end up with roads that are not pedestrian friendly,have no verges, no u-turn provisions, and no middle or turning lanes. But they’ll direct us to large businesses, and be better tarred (Bahamas Hot Mix) and have more concrete sidewalks (Nassau Ready Mix) than you’ve ever seen.

  15. I was in the mall when all this unfold and discovered that the get away car was in front of my vehicle. The scene was frightening as people were running for cover.

    • The road so small now with so much blocks in the middle right before kentucky fried chicken on robinson road i was in the area and the police car came screaming where could we go the roads in that are are a mess mess. To MAKE it worse a policeman had to run on foot out of the police car because traffic was moving too slow always a traffic jam up in there. HEADS ARE TOO HARD THE ROAD CHANGE IS NOT WORKING. I hope they catch those robbers

      • The officers who always patrolling The Mall was catching a dunk eh? ALL six a them? How come they didn’t respond to this? Was it the weapons or was it they were that afraid to respond?


  16. this bring back bad memories for me. God is going to come before men/women destroy themselves. thank God no lives was lost.

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