Haitians land again on New Providence exactly when Junkanoo began at 1am this morning…


A new sloop of Haitian migrants landed this morning just off the South Beach Defence Force satellite base – So far only 16 have been captured..


Nassau – While Bahamians were celebrating and bringing in the new year illegal Haitian Migrants were sailing up the Bahama chain and landed safely this morning outside the Defence Force South Beach pools operation. This comes just days after some 124 were apprehended at sea. that group almost landed on the new Sandy Bottom Defence Force project.

We can tell you the Royal Bahamas Defence Force (RBDF) personnel stationed at South Beach pools apprehended several Haitian nationals attempting to make it to shore in waters east of the area around 1 a.m. this morning – the same hour when Junkanoo began.

Upon further investigation by RBDF, Police, and Immigration personnel, a wooden sloop was found in shallow waters about a quarter-mile off shore. An expanded search of the coastal area was also carried out by officials. At last count only 16 Haitian nationals have been apprehended on a vessel which usually carries over 120.

The total number of migrants aboard, who were aboard the boat, is still unknown at this time. A search is ongoing in the nearby area. All the marines have to do is go into Cowpen Road and collect another 200 who they know have no documents.

We report yinner decide!