Haitian Migrants Apprehended


NASSAU| While enroute to Inagua with a group of Haitian migrants which were apprehended earlier Thursday afternoon, another group of one hundred and fifty-one (151) migrants were apprehended late Thursday night during a joint effort by the Royal Bahamas Defence Force and Operation Turks and Caicos Bahamas (OPBAT) operatives.

Shortly after 8:00 pm, HMBS BAHAMAS, under the command of Senior Lieutenant Alexis Brown was transporting seventy (70) migrants, when they spotted a Haitian sloop five miles west of Inagua. With the assistance of OPBAT operatives, the Defence Force vessel was able to positively locate the vessel.

Further investigation of the Haitian sloop uncovered 151 migrants (123 males, 28 females) onboard, who all appeared to be in fair health. With the assistance of the RBDF maritime unit in Inagua, this latest group of migrants were also transported to Matthew Town, and handed over to Immigration officials for processing.

This makes a total of three hundred and seventy (370) Haitian migrants apprehended within the past forty-eight hours. RBDF Officers and Marines are currently providing security details for the migrants, who are currently being detained at the local Police Station on the island.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force is once again urging individuals to refrain from making long treacherous voyages on hazardous vessels, and in the process, risking the lives of many individuals. The organization remains committed to guarding and protecting the territorial integrity of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas.

RBDF Photo shows Haitian migrants onboard HMBS BAHAMAS Thursday September 23, 2021