Haitian Vessel blew up just near Long Island…One woman dies in the incident…

The vessel – a 80 ft steel hull cargo boat known as the MV Fish Farmer – was en route to Haiti after departing from Potters Cay Dock at 5.30 p.m. on Monday, 27th April 2020.

BP BREAKING | The MV Fish Farmer a vessel, which just left Potter’s Cay en route to Haiti exploded on the waters just miles off Long Island.

The incident happened on Wednesday and no one decided to tell us anything. Media found out Friday.

According to a statement, the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Operations Center was reportedly alerted to a medical emergency onboard a Haitian Freighter around 1.30 am on Wednesday.

However, three hours later, it was reported that a woman on board who required medical attention died. There were other persons onboard who fled the vessel and hid in bushes nearby.

“The master of the vessel was advised to seek permission from the designated and competent authorities to re-enter the territorial waters/harbour in Cat Island, consistent with the emergency orders,” the statement read.

“However, approximately 3 hours later the master of the vessel advised that the female onboard who required medical attention had passed.”

Well, what is dis? Haitian Cargo Vessel blew up passing Long Island. When we was ga know this?


We report yinner decide