Half-naked man runs into Galleria Theatre on JKF in boxers and bobby socks!


Man is believed to have a puff of serious drugs – Pray for the nation youths!

Nassau, Bahamas — It was like a scene from a movie but then again it was a real action live event! Patrons at the Galleria movie theatre on John F. Kennedy Drive got the shock of their lives around 8:30pm tonight after a half naked 6ft 2” thirty-something young man ran into the show and caught everyone by surprise.

The young man some believe had just puffed serious narcotics inhales before the incident occurred and came running dripping sweat from his face.

Some persons in the concession area could not believe what was happening as no security stood at the door at the time. This could have easily turned into another movie massacre but this suspect perhaps dropped his weapon on the way.

Out of nowhere the young man ran inside through the main entrance with his eyes plopped larger than those of Loretta Butler-Turner.

Some three staffers and persons known to the young man had to race into the back of one of the show rooms before the disturbed young man could put a Loretta pissy slap on someone child – Boy – Some people walking around Nassau crazy as hell!

Bahamas Press believes had not the man been quickly restrained and removed out of the show, it would be no telling what he would have done. It could have become another episode of Ms. Lundy or Big Sexy Loretta – Who knows – and in the end the Tribune would again praise the violence by the young man calling that attack “Justified”!

Maybe it could have turned into another Rodney Moncur street march in a Movie Theatre.

Boy, the show these days gat more drama than Hollywood!

We report yinner decide!