Hamilton tells Rollins GO FIND A PAIR OF BALLS and leave the PLP!


Some believe Rollins lacks medication…

South Beach MP Cleola Hamilton

Nassau, Bahamas — The Lady of South Beach, Cleola Hamilton, was no deep freeze in the Parliament yesterday when she called on Andre Rolling to “….fine your testicular fortitude and leave…” [the PLP].

Last week in the Parliament Hamilton cracked a joke and questioned why is it every time the MP for Fort Charlotte opens his mouth he has to repeat, “he is man”? What is that all about?

Hamilton asked, “What is the price to disrupt the government? What is the price for trying to dismantle the Party that took us in and embraced us? I believe this price is called scorching the earth.”

She added that those who seek to leave should just leave rather than force the party to fire them!

Andre Rollins.

Rollins in the House said the country needed new leadership, but then last week changed his tune by saying he supports Christie and that Mr. Christie is his leader.

He also added that he was tired of Mr. Christie quoting scripture, but BP wonders if Rollins have seen or heard from his preacher, Mr. Renward Wells, lately, who is considered the Einstein of the Parliament and a protégé of the late Oral Roberts for his biblical rants, yet, he cannot explain how his signature ended up on a FRAUDULENT document?

What is up with that?

We report yinner decide!