Harbour Patrol unit says they are patrolling the harbour…

Royal Bahamas Defence Force File Photo.

Nassau – Over the past two weeks, members of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force Harbour Patrol Unit (HPU) at Nassau Harbour were actively engaged in operations around the busy Harbour.

During this period, HPU members had assisted persons aboard vessels with engine problems at sea, retrieved boat passengers from waters after they had jumped overboard; apprehended persons for unauthorised use of vessels; and handed persons over who were wanted by Police.

Altogether, three vessels were assisted at sea, two persons were turned over to Police for outstanding warrants, two foreigners were retrieved from waters after jumping over board from a vessel, and one captain and his vessel was turned over to Bahamas Customs for illegal charter operations.

The purpose of the increased patrolling and monitoring by the Harbour Patrol Unit is to improve on safety and to crackdown on illicit activities in the Nassau Harbour area and its immediate environments.

As part of its long term efforts, the Defence Force Harbour Patrol Unit has engaged in joint operations with members of marine units of the Police Force and Bahamas

Customs, as well as with Bahamas Immigration personnel, who have also stepped up efforts to keep the harbour free of illegal activities. Harbour Patrol Unit is also working jointly with Police and Port Security officials in patrolling beaches around New Providence and nearby islands for the safety of recreational boaters and visitors.

Last year December, the HPU members apprehended 14 foreign nationals from five countries aboard a motor yacht off Montagu Beach for illegal entry. The matter was turned over to Police and Immigration officials resulting in all being charged and paying fines for breaching Bahamian legislation.

The Royal Bahamas Defence Force remains committed to guarding the territorial
sovereignty of The Bahamas.