HeadKnowles Group breaks up after questions from U.S. Agencies investigate Funds collected and used by organizers…


NASSAU| Bahamas Press is following a developing story which surfaced yesterday with the HEADKNOWLES GROUP.

This morning both lead organizers announced in letters the dismantling of the community group after serious questions surfaced about its funding by U.S. Authorities.

We at BP only want to know what has happened with the $1.3 million raised for Hurricane Dorian Victims on GoFundMe by HeadKnowles? How much of it is in accounts here in the Bahamas? Or is it true that the account has been shut down by the US IRS?

Is the U.S. Internal Revenue Services IRS investigating the Group? If yes, WHY?

BP learned the group got their certifications in record time out of the Attorney General Office. How did that happen and why the rush? How many Government Ministers were involved in this process and are they also speaking with U.S. Authorities?

Who are the Government Officials involved with HEADKNOWLES GROUP?

Who is the individual[s] who was issued an ATM Card for Headknowles Group account and withdrew thousands without any accounting?! WHO?

And how did the group gained access to a building owned by the Government Of the Bahamas on Gladstone Road? Many questions little answers but we at BP will post today supporting letters and documents.

Meanwhile, BP is learning from our U.S. IRS sources that some 35 GOFUNDME Accounts setup for collecting donations for Hurricane Dorian victims have been suspended. MORE TO COME AS BP is the only news team on these breaking developments

Documents signed by Carl Bethel in record time after years of not being registered as a nonprofit group! [NOTICE THE DATE]

FOUNDATION CERTIFICATE issued on the 6th of September, 2019.

The Gofundme Account which was flagged by GOFUNDME and referred to the IRS which raised some $1.3 million in donations for Hurricane Dorian victims. Where is the money now?