Heads Must Roll at ZNS Right Now


NASSAU| The wicked, cruel and heartless Minnis Administration was rolled out of office like a freight train on a hot day. Loud, noisy and spurting oil. As we speak, the former prime minister is desperating trying to hold on to power while his colleagues and party supporters want him gone like how a middle aged woman wants a hot flash gone. 

BP waits for his impending kick in the pants seat. Through Minnis and his ZNS minions, the Brave Wave Campaign was treated to the worst treatment possible. It had to take Election observers to deliver a scathing rebuke to  ZNS for the public to see the unfairness against the opposition parties in a General Election. URCA stood by, watched it all and did nothing just like they are doing nothing to Cable Bahamas for overcharging people while delivering horrible service. 

The observers mentioned how ZNS refused to take PLP ads because of what they said were back debts even though the PLP said they would pay cash up front for all 2021 ads. Observers said by not providing equal coverage for all parties, ZNS was depriving the Bahamian people of important information so they could make a better decision in the election. 

Heads must roll at ZNS. We can think of two names in particular – Beverly “Sex Beast” Curry and Kayleaser Deveaux-Isaacs who through their extreme political practices and management styles, ran ZNS in the ground. The Drab Duo harassed, ostracized, demoted or fired anyone who they felt were not FNM. None of them are qualified or experienced to run a Broadcasting Corporation and instead they spent all their days keeping the PLP off air while making sure that every news story involved Minnis or his cohorts. Only in The Bahamas!!

BP checked in with our agents at ZNS.

“Well all of a sudden Bev is trying to be all friendly with us,” our ZNS agent said. “She told someone Brave is her boy and she is not going anywhere. I feel she needs to be removed from office now. She has caused low morale in this place for years because of the way she speaks to staff, the poor treatment of staff and the horrible and unfair things she made us do against the then Opposition. 

“I am glad it is a new day and one of the major things this new day government needs to do is clean house at ZNS from the top down, but equipment and hire people who know what they are doing who can make this place better.”

ZNS is a disaster being run by those jokers and BP hopes it sees a new day and very soon. 

We Report! Yinner Decide!