Health Minister Renward Wells shall be the first to fall inside the Minnis Government on Election night – FNM Generals confirm WELLS IS GONE!

Minister of Health Renward “GONE” Wells

NASSAU| Generals connected to the constituency of Bamboo Town have now confirmed to Bahamas Press the sitting shameless bonus paying MP Renward Wells has seen Parliament for the last and final time.

Sources inside the Wells camp have confirmed to BP, “It ain’t looking good. We will lose the central Southern seat of Bamboo Town to a female candidate of the PLP. The reality is already setting in and from all account the people have flipped to the message of a NEW DAY!”

Scandals of Wells paying himself, his driver and his personal assistant was so hot that PM Hubert Minnis announced without notice a Snap General Election to hide the growing disgust and disfavour within the ranks of his outgoing administration. Nurses and doctors responded in protest with the actions of Wells.

BP reports Wells shall be the first in a domino collapse of the Minnis Administration on September 16th. Prime Minister Minnis is expected to address the nation on election night where sources tell us he will resign as Leader of the Free National Movement.

We report yinner decide!