Health records 11 new positive Covid tests on BIMINI! Officials also added one new death out of Grand Bahama!


NASSAU| Health officials in their daily report is now confirming some 11 new cases of COVID19 on the island of Bimini. We know from our reports two of those persons were flown into the capital on emergency flights on Sunday.

On New Providence just 6 persons tested positive for COVID19, 11 on Grand Bahama, 1 on Abaco and another 1 on Eleuthera in the past 24-hours.

Meanwhile, on Saturday some 26 persons were hospitalized. By Sunday that hospitalization number dropped to 25 with only 3 patients in intensive care.

The number of Covid death were 163 on Saturday. By Sunday’s report the number was still 163 even though health confirmed an additional case on November 1st a female age 42 out of Grand Bahama. I guess these people does count backwards.

Also worthy of note is the fact that although we are in a global pandemic generally all the clinics (Except the Flamingo CLINIC) and access to medical supplies (meds) are closed to the public on Sundays! DAT WILL HOLD YA!

We report yinner decide!