Healthcare collapse as nurses call for a sickout in the middle of the pandemic tomorrow!


NASSAU| The Healthcare system in the Bahamas has collapsed as all nurses not associated with the PHA have been asked to STAY HOME TOMORROW!

The Strike Action has been called on by the nursing union to bring attention to the crisis! BP source tell us there is:

  • No overtime paid DPH. No NIB. NO Compensation!
  • No vacation , No shift change
  • No equipment. And No Bed for sick nurses!

A spokesperson for the nurses told BP, “We are not feeling well tomorrow (Wednesday)! Take a stand and we are going to fight both COVID AND THE GOVERNMENT ON THESE MANY ISSUES! PHA HAS FAILED US Nurses.”

We at BP are warning the public is this; don’t get sick. Stay inside and watch the TV! If ya smart you would avoid work! Avoid play and avoid getting into any problems. THERE IS NO MORE HEALTHCARE AS YOU KNOW IT!

We report yinner decide!