Heartless Duane Sands will become the WORST CHAIRMAN the FNM has ever witnessed just as he left a piss poor record as Health Minister…


Bahamas Press sets our eyes on Heartless Sands!

Hundreds dead following Hurricane Dorian left in trailers after Heartless Duane Sands failed to issue death certificates to grieving families.

NASSAU| So the FNM hired the heartless doctor to return as the National Chairman of the party.

Bahamas Press will now take the Heartless Chairman Duane Sands on. Her is someone we know left no stellar record as the Minister of Health and was fired for breaking the law. 

Heartless Sands wants Pintard’s job as leader of the FNM. That day we assure yinner SHALL NEVER COME! WRITE IT DOWN!

Heartless Sands wants to downplay the massive works now underway inside the Ministry of Health and the Public Hospitals Authority which was masterfully outlined by current Health Minister Hon. Michael Darville in Parliament this week. 

Darville updated Parliament and the nation on the grand projects HAPPENING NOW in healthcare, capital works not seen in the Bahamas since the days of Pindling! DAVIS GA MAKE TWO STRAIGHT!

Duane Sands is a PISS POOR representative voice for the opposition when it comes to discussing heathcare across the country. He closed clinics in the middle of a pandemic when people needed assistance. Heartless Sands left the dead in trailers (battling the flies) following Hurricane Dorian. 

Heartless Sands witnessed doctors and nurses protesting to no end because of his PISS POOR record as Minister of Health. 

Heartless Sands left grants for medical students unpaid and cancelled the training of Bahamian doctors when he served as the Heartless Minister of Heath! He fired scores of Junior Doctors IN THE MIDDLE OF A PANDEMIC! Remember DAT!?

Your Bahamas Press has plenty of things to say about the Heartless Chairman of the FNM who called the People of the Bahamas ``GREEDY” in the January 29th, 2010 edition of the daily terlet paper The Tribune.  Yinner think we forget that, eh?

The Heartless Doctor Sands, who collected a donation from Barbara “bag full a money” Hanna, who was paid a $1.9 million cleaning contract at the hospital against the advice of the Attorney General’s Office, and failed to inform Cabinet of his decision, should be the last to come for the Stellar Work by the Davis Government!

Anyway we will leave it there for now. We at BP now have the first candidate of the FNM (The Heartless Chairman Duane Sands) to deliver him into the political wilderness for good! You will join others THIS PAGE sent there and you can start packing ya bags! It ain’t long nah!

We report yinner decide!

Barbara ‘BAG FULL A MONEY’ Hanna and Heartless Duane Sands who he awarded a 1.9 million contract for two years!