Our next US Ambassador to The Bahamas, CHANGE! WE LOVE IT!



  1. To say stinking Blankenship is harsh words we must respect him tho we disagree with him but i must agree he was the worst American Ambassador to the Bahamas ever The Bahamas spends more than 1.3 Billion into florida yet we are treated with so muh disrespect when going through US pre clearence like they dont want us to go but they want our money more so in Freeport Grand Bahama am sorry to say its so preduace you a feel it in the air very few Bahamians want to live in the United States more so illigally. And not all Bahamian do illigal things plesae judge each on there own merit.Let us all pray for Ms Nicole Avant not only because she is a strong black women but she is a fair and jus Ambassador The Bahamas has always been the unite states adopted child we are to close to each other and let her know when we travel to the states they can search us but please dont degrade us talk to us not down at us

  2. I think we all agree that stinking BLANKENSHIP was the worst American Ambassador to the Bahamas ever! Nicole Avant hasnt been confirmed yet as Ambassador and i done like her!

  3. I cant wait for her to arrive a beautiful intelligent black woman coming to the Bahamas i am all for that time for me to work on my A game lol…by the way we have a lof of beautiful black bahamian women as well

  4. I listened to the audio video and am quite impressed with the new AWmbassador.She will be a fine role model for our female population and should inspire them to realise their full potential.I see her having a love relationship with the Bahamas and am certain Rep Walters recommended her to the President.Rep Walters still has a fine relationship with this country so she has brought her home gal from California to share in what this country has to offer.A black Ambassador woweeeee.

  5. Thank you BP for deleting the previous post all which did not reflect the kind of change and respect that your blog seems to be demanding of its readers, glad to see you had the vision to remove them.

  6. One more thing, since BO has become president you are now seeing more and more educated blacks playing a more active role. these same folks has obviously been around for several years, how come they are just being used now?(rhetorical question)

    Every time i see Obama on tv and being referred to POTUS, it still kinda freaks me out. it still hasnt sunk in 100% yet!

  7. Two words: POLITICAL PATRONAGE! Its just a fact of politics. You reward your generals and the generals reward their foot soldiers. She was general in California (a money bundler) and Obama awards her with a lil post in the Bahamas. Now she will turn around and probably hire some loyal foot soldiers once she gets settled in.

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