'Mugabe' stopped, Speaker fumbled whilst a 'Giant Slayer' hijacks media



The FIGHT is on!!! Hubert Ingraham, Alvin Smith and Glenys Hanna-Martin.

Click to listen to Star 106.5 FM Upddate of today’s events in Parliament Square

Nassau, Bahamas — Well, today was another day in Nassau and once again, the man with a pacemaker in her heart could not speak to his 2009/10 Budget. It was a second day of climatic thundering over the Parliament, and the representative of Englerston, Glenys Hanna-Martin, could not speak for her people. The MP was stopped from entering the House. The Gestapo police formed a human chained at the door, disallowing the MP from entering. And today in a redo of yesterday’s fumble, the Speaker eventually suspended Hanna-Martin officially for two days.

Bahamas Press believes that three things should be seen here. One, the Speaker disallowed the MP from speaking, whilst he allowed members of the government to do so. Two, not one of the over 20 WUTLESS media outlets in this country have yet identified the fact that SPEAKER ALVIN SMITH SUSPENDED HANNA-MARTIN, without a vote of the motion taking place yesterday! A Speaker cannot move on such a motion without a vote being taken on the floor of the House! It is his job to rule on such matters after a vote! (THE HEIGHT OF IGNORANCE FROM THE SPEAKER!!!). Thirdly, we believe Hanna-Martin and the PLP has made their point and therefore the time has come for them to return to civil order. They’ve made their point and now it’s time to get back to the people’s business.

BP warns the PLP, whilst we applaud their actions yesterday and today, the organization must know that this action can backfire! If the budget cannot pass by July 1st, NOT A GOVERNMENT BILL WILL BE PAID, INCLUDING SOME SALARIES. Ingraham [the man with the pacemaker] will certainly love this! And he will love this because the question will be asked, WHY ARE Government BILLS NOT PAID? AND THE ANSWER WILL BE, BLAME DA PLP!

We ask members of the WUTLESS MEDA in the Bahamas, when will you’ll begin to exercise professionalism in your craft? Stop looking at the picture and PLEASE begin analyze it. The Speaker failed in communicating the rules, Hanna-Martin defied the Chair and the Parliament today cannot function!The part we love in all this however is this, Hanna-Martin and the PLP stopped us from hearing Mugabe’s Bilious DIATRIBE for another WEEK! YIPPPPPPPPPPPEEEEEE!!!

Ahhhhh well, so much for Mugabe who has that pacemaker somewhere lodged in that old cold heart of his, he clearly cannot cuss like he wishes anymore. Hmmmmm!


  1. The Nurses is one of the professions that you don’t need to be angry.They are our BLOOD line of the country.HIA give the Nurses what they need.

  2. The nurses are furious so i suggest to the prime minister that if he does not have the money to fulfilled the contractual agreement with the nurses union then become creative.The prime minister could offer the nurses some crown land in lieu of an increase in salary.For example the prime minister can give the nurses union 100 acres of crown land in Andros with the agreement being the union can only sell the land to its members or develop the land.However,i think it is grossly unfair to just tell the nurses,teachers and doctors they can’t and won’t get anything.

  3. Media, when the PLP was in power, the debate in the HOA used to take atleast 2 weeks then it went to the Senate where it took about 5 days..

    I don’t see the govt having any problems passing the budget in time even it they still let the debate go on for the planned 6 days!!

    But I do agree with you that the PLP has made its point and the govt and the police are on their toes so its time to get on with the country’s business…. Otherwise this could turn on the PLP…. So I am asking as a supporter of the PLP for them to get on with the country’s business because the last thing that we need is for the budget to not be passed by the end of July… People need their monies especially during these tough times!!!

  4. kevin mckenzie :I will not seek to question ms.Donna Wilson parental skills since i know many parents who instill proper values and manners in their children only to see these children be infleunce and corrupted by bad company.

    Kevin you seem to be a person who has their head hooked on right and I usually can relate to you most of the times, but right now I think the way Donna Wilson raised her son should be questioned, this might reveal the reason why little Michael was always getting in trouble with the law. Yes, I agree with you that sometimes parent do everything they can possibly do for their child and the child still rebels. Kevin in life there is no guaranteed, but at least the parent would still have the satisfaction of knowing they had given it their all. When you don’t check for these children and they get into problems then that is a different story. How parents are raising their children in this country is something we as a society should take a look at. On a regular base I see children who appear as if they have not had a bath from last year Christmas, I see child walking about the road by themselves with sponsor sheet going from door to door, these are some perilous times! Also, not to mention the amount of children I have caught trying to shoplift something out of my store, that I have let go with just a phone call to their parents, because I did not want to call the police, because feared the police might rough them up too much and some of the same children that I let go can still be seen about the street getting into trouble. Kevin, yes Michael death was mysterious and the police that were on duty should all be investigated. At the same time we must look at the parents too, because a lot of these things could have been avoided if parents were doing their jobs.

  5. Do you remember how the prime minister berated the Immigration Department about their mistreatment of Jamaicans and illegal immigrants?The prime minister said he was greatly offended and incensed about this and he warned immigration to put a stop to these practices.WELL NO ONE DIED IN IMMIGRATION’S CUSTODY BUT A 15 YEAR OLD BOY DIED IN OUR POLICE CUSTODY AND THE NATION’S CHIEF IS NOT EVEN ANGRY!!!THE PRIME MINISTER SENT FOR SCOTLAND YARD WHEN 2 WHITE WOMEN WERE FOUND MURDERED ON PARADISE ISLAND FOR HE SAID THAT WE NEEDED PROFESSIONAL HELP.NOW TODAY THE PRIME MINISTER HAS NOTHING TO SAY SINCE THE BOY IS ONLY A BAHAMIAN CHILD!!!MAY GOD HELP AND PROTECT US BAHAMIANS.

  6. Majority of politicians like to take advantage of situations to gain political brownie points and even if this was the case with Glenys, I think the speaker should have allowed her to express herself. She is a member of parliament and she is there to represent to the people and this was a very important matter. I can’t understand why they would have wanted to ignore her, when so many people are very concerned about the way that 15 yr. old boy died while in police custody. This is the way they treat everything in this country, they don’t want to talk anything and it is like you are suppose to ignore everything that happens. Our government doesn’t seem to realize that we are people with feelings and when things happen it affects some people. That situation in the HOA could have been avoided. They should have allowed Glenys to make her comment and Tommy, seen that he was not the one to bring it up and this has to do with his ministry, he should have taken the opportunity to speak out on the matter and then they could have move right along and continue the budget debate. The present government acts as if they don’t owe us any explanation about anything that happens in this country and they are not accountable to anyone. Right now, I see people who supports the FNM and the PLP fighting among themselves and I am here asking myself is it worth it? Well for me it is not. All I know if things don’t change in this country before next election, I will not be wasting my time voting, these people are so transparent and they have already demonstrated that they are only into themselves.

  7. Thaddeus Mcdonald and Harl Taylor were murdered and have decayed in their graves and the person accused of their murder has not being to trial as yet.Leslie Miller son was murdered and he can’t get a fair trial simply because some of the persons originally accused of his child’s death have a better political connection than he does.If Michael Knowles came from a well to do family i can assure you the police would have taken him to his parents instead of to the police station.I will not seek to question ms.Donna Wilson parental skills since i know many parents who instill proper values and manners in their children only to see these children be infleunce and corrupted by bad company.From the evidence that is now in the public realm we know that the police erred in the following instance-A-The police questioned the child without his legal guardian/s being present.This is against the law.B-The police detained him beyond the time limit set forth in law for minors.Again an illegal act committed by the police.C-When the Officer In Charge of the police station report to work he/she must check the station’s record books and cell.If this was done the OIC would notice that a minor was being illegally held and his guardians must be informed.This is standard police operation procedule.D-It is against the law to deny a parent access to a minor.E-According to BAHAMA JOURNAL the boy was okay before he was taken upstairs at the station and questioned.Afterwards the child was screaming and saying he can’t take it anymore.What did they do to the boy when he was up stairs?No one tried to calm the child down or spoke to him.F-The Journal further stated that the boy shouted he was going to kill himself.By law and standard police operation procedule the police were suppose to strip him nake and seek professional help for him.Again the police failed to do their job.G-The Journal said a woman was in the adjoining cell and she screamed for the police to check the boy’s cell when she heard loud choking noises.The police didnot respond.Under these circumstances it is clear that all of those police officers on duty at that time and including the station’s senior officers should all be suspended and investigated by independant organisation or persons and charged in court for at least neglect and failure to follow the law in regards to the treatment of minors.

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