Police officers block Hanna-Martin from entering Parliament Friday


Bain Town Woman – Pat Rahming


  1. I remember when the father of Glennys was thrown out of Parliament and as a result the HOA rules were changed to prevent future indiscretions.From this we can get some good as HOA rules will be changed to accomodate request such as hers.HOA is really a place for persons who love the limelight.In Glennys case the matter she wished to bring to the public,s attention is of great concern.The Speaker was out of order and exacerbated the situation.

  2. Isn’t it funny how we as bahamians encourage wrong. She was wrong, im not even thinking plp against fnm. She was out of order. It would of been addresssed in due time but nooooo she feel she gotta be loud and speak out of turn.Everyone that agree with this mess, is full of mess. Right is right she is out of order as well as everyone in power that was rude loud and pretty much ghetto. I dont agree with the crap. and plp television. how about feed the people television. so not important Economy downfall television. help television all is needed not no stupid plp television with that woman, i remember her around election time.

  3. @ronica7
    Ronica,I give up you are so good at picking fights you should be in the ring. Every time I ask a question you fire back with a question.
    You win I lose.

  4. Tp, you are skirting the issue. I challenged you first to name me some indelible acheievements of the fnm, and you have yet to deliver.

    The prime minister has not brought nothing new to the table, these past 2yrs, he is still operating on Mr. Christie’s agenda.

    That is why the infamous Stop, Review, cancel policy, was so important to Mr. Inngraham, because he had nothing off his own!

    Incidentally, i see you keep mentioning this report on the plp, how do you feel about that damning standard & poors report?

  5. Should Hanna Martin had be allowed to reurned to in the house for the two sitting? YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS. Should she had been suspend from the House for asking a question the the country wanted to know the answer to.NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

  6. @Russell Johnson
    Both you and Ronica are very good at skirting issues.My last post made my point, therefore I rest my case.
    By the way when is your next rowdy rally OOPS I meant mass rally

  7. TP says:Come on home boy give me solutions.IF you were in charge what would you do differently ?
    Lets say crime what would you do ? The situation in Freeport what would you do ? Gimmie me some solutions.
    The crown land situation, solutions , gimmie some.

    I laughed until I cried when I read your challenge.TP you are not new to this site therefore for your edification read all of my past posts and that of others on this site.Obviously you were only concerned with the political rhetoric espoused and missed the finer points.All the points raised have been answered so go back and take notes.I am ecstatic to see that am getting under your shallow skin lo lolo.

  8. Well tp, your party said that they had all the solutions!!!
    Typical fnm, when the facts stare you in the face with your party’s dismal performance then all of a sudden you become the nationalist!

  9. @ronica7
    Ronica,last we heard from you, you were getting ready for mass.Thought you would come back with some solutions to the problems the country is facing. Not the same old talk.
    You said the FNM was busy running their mouths about what they would do once they come to power.But all you guys are doing is complaining and not saying one thing about what you are going to do once you are returned.
    Stop the belly aching and offer some solutions.Or do you believe that your only job as opposition is to oppose ?
    Instead of having those mass rally to incite negativism do some walk about in the neighbourhood to promote peace.Our youth need your guidance they do not need to see you in the streets screaming and being disrespectful to the police.Or to see you encouraging your followers to boo the Prime Minister.
    We might have a bad goverment, but Lord we have an opposition that is far worse.

  10. @Russell Johnson
    Come on home boy give me solutions.IF you were in charge what would you do differently ?
    Lets say crime what would you do ? The situation in Freeport what would you do ? Gimmie me some solutions.
    The crown land situation, solutions , gimmie some

  11. THE govermentis out of touch with the people they get in the house and find everything a big joke you can see the rich are getting richer in this country,the people in this country needs to see who are the real owners of some the major companys in the country this election from what ican see is not going to be a peaceful one there are far to much gun on the streets no more promise thats only to a fool we are no fools in this country

  12. I think Tommy would be better in finance. Zhivargo can probably go to Education. Branville would make a good National Security Minister. I don’t know where to put Carl either.

  13. The main ministries which need to be revamp are Security and Education. Branville McCartney would be better as Ministry of Security while Tommy go to Immigration. Carl Bethel needs to be replaced with I DONT KNOW WHO but someone who is STRICT. Zhivargo needs to be more of a peoples person because his arrogance is be shown too much expecially to the MAINLy IGNORANT BAHAMAINS. All the rest doing a AVERAGE to Good job. Loretta needs to WORK with EDUCATION more…. THE BAHAMAINS needs more Goverment workers expecially in the Education and Social service field which will get to the ROOT problems of crime

  14. My solutions are a shuffle in the Cabinet as a new one can do no worse than this.Tommy,Carl, Charles,Deveaux.am the Minister now Butler, Brent must go along with Grant.

  15. @Russell Johnson
    forgive me for doing that to you but it just goes to prove my point.You guys are unable to have a conversation without using abusive language and calling names.OK so I am dumb, so what.You keep blaming the goverment for everything that happens.I say if you are not a part of the solution you are a part of the problem.Stop blaming and start coming up with solutions.
    All of thOse things you say the FNM did combined can in no way compare to some of the single acts committed by members of the PLP.
    But lets not go there,besides killing every one that supports the gaverment.What is your proposal to comabat the troubles we are now facing.

  16. Tuesday,27,March,1984-The Tribune under the headline”Police permission is refused rape marchers”FNM mp Janet Bostwick was granted permission by the house to move a rape resolution.In this resolution mrs.Bostwick is seeking to increase the penalties for sexual offences.Wednesday,28,March,1984-The Tribune under the headline “Anti rape march is now on April 3″.FNM mp Janet Bostwick and her party were given permission by the police to conduct their march against rape.The FNM said there are too many women and children being molested and when they become the government they will increase the penalties.Wednesday,23,February,1984-The Tribune under the headline”FNM want sex crime law changes”.The FNM wants the cat o nine tails to be applied to the backs of rapists.They will enact this once they become the government.Monday,25,January,1982-The Tribune under the headline” FNM soundly defeat resolution on homosexual”.Dr.Elwood Donaldson at the FNM’s convention wanted a resolution passed calling for a ban on practicing homosexuals and heterosexual perverts becoming members of parliament. Tuesday,13,April,1982-The Tribune under the headline”FNM rap PLP over crime in nation”.The FNM blames the PLP for the increased in crime and the illegal drug trade.

  17. TP:When you aren’t fighting you are extorting and when you’re not doing that you are abusing women,and so on and so on.

    You are such a ********,the PLP is not individuals and the case involving a member accused of extortion is still to be heard.God forbid if you are on that jury as you are totally biased.Everytime I try to avoid getting involved with name calling one of you jerks piss me off.You can all attack but when you are on the defensive you cry foul.We have Mona vie with 10/45,the issuance of a taxi plate to the chaffeur of Minister Deveaux when there was a moratorium,Sidney Collie resigned his Cabinet post in disgrace,Carl hid while school children were being sexually abused,a Commissioner of Police was appointed even though he kidnapped Bahamians and sent them to America,Bahamains stand in the sun while the DPM relaxes on the beach,Tommy refuses to give concise answers on the 15 yr old death at the station.I am tired outlining clear cases of Govt misbehaviour in only two short yrs.You fellas are a disgrace to your party as you are so rabid in your support a hurricane could destroy GB and you would blame that on the economy.Give me a break and post the foolishness you say here on the FNM website where only praises are blogged.No wonder the sky is falling down in the Bahamas and rabid FNMs say all is well.Now TP dont misquote me I said rabid FNMs.If you dont know the meaning look it up in the dictitionary online.

  18. You people are hilarious! Why not blame the press when all the FNMs shortcomings are not printed or when they are, it is filled with propaganda. If the PLPs have a scrape, they are all over it. The media houses and the Tribune especially sought to destroy the PLP, why? Eileen Carron is a big FNM supporter. All well and good, but the news should be unbiased…ALWAYS! You had John Marquis talking about Sir Lynden and others stories while deflecting the major issues that were going on. They have ZNS and Clint Watson for a poppy show. The FNM wouldn’t even admit that the economy was in a downturn for months. They lied about the tourism statistics. They talked down the seriousness of the crime statistics. They refused to act even when they knew that a pedophile walked right of the country. They are borrowing money at such a rate, that we may actually have our dollar devalued. The FNM is one big scandal….but heaven forbid they see the wrong in what they do. Only a man without shame would laugh at a matter as Tommy T did with his confused behind. The PLP has its misgivings and we cannot erase history, but rest assured, the FNM is making history now, because they are all in the limelight and they aren’t looking too bright!!!

  19. I am still waiting on the other signifcant acheivements under the fnm!
    Anyway guys, I have to prepare for mass in the morning, thanks for keeping me entertained.

    Now when i return back to this site i expect to see a slew of fnm acheivements. No more alleged acts of plp corruption, bring me proof!

  20. Glad you brought it up. One had a slight stroke, The other a pacemaker installed.
    But the media was only concerned about the one who had the stroke, who by the way, lost some weight, and kept it off! Plus look more healthy

    While the other seems to have ballooned more out of proportioned. Looks
    much more unhealthy, never lost any weight, yet the media and fnm supporters worry over Mr. Christie’s health. Talk about unfair!

  21. @ronica7
    The sad thing about it is THE PLP is so good at messing up the FNM do not have to do anything.
    The report about your party has you pinned down to a point. When you aren’t fighting you are extorting and when you’re not doing that you are abusing women,and so on and so on.
    You want to blame the press for reporting these things go ahead.Thats your right

  22. But you guys pay more attention to the PLP than you do this “lousy” government. At the plp’s worst, they outshine the fnm!

    Tell me one significant achievement, besides opening the airwaves that the fnm has done! This is not olny relegated to you dear, tp, joe blow, call it, shawn, and all and fnm sundry, may answer!

  23. @ronica7
    You are so wrong nobody has to do a single thing to make the PLP look bad .They do a good job of that all by themselves.It is in their genes ,they can;t help it

  24. Well at least we know whats wrong with the plp. Now the “Wutless” fnm and their sordid past, Informant 1622. Whats more disgusting than lying to the foreign press. From the Brian Ross incident, to the present with the Obie Wilhcombe affair, all to gain power or retain power!

    The fnm, all all their media houses is so afraid of the PlP, that they collude, lie, and work overtime on Shirley St. to make the PlP look bad

  25. @call it as i see it
    The PLP uses every unfortunate incident to gain political mileage.While everyone is concerned about every single case of allegeded abuse this party does their best to twist things around and blame the goverment. Women especially should have learned from the way certain former PLP MPs embarrassed them here and internationaly by their sordid escapades.The way these MPs treated women they should be ashamed to show their faces in public much less to get in the press talking about being the champions for women and children.

  26. @call it as i see it

    For me it is not about politicking. There are actually people who live in this country with feelings that actually care about things that happens. I would be upset with any government who is acting the way the FNM is behaving right now, while children are being abused. There are just so many incidences concerning children, that I am not able to ignore and I would like to see the government taking a more proactive approach on these matters.

  27. In Desmond Keys case the facts were known and those responsible charged and the case is pending.No comparison plus he was an adult and able to speak for himself.Party politics has nothing to do with the case now in question as the dead is a juvenle and under the protection of the state.We all are but juveniles have special privileges.The Minister of National Security fumbled the ball.He did give an explaination on the Parliamentary channel but by then it was too late.

  28. Well you may read the above posts, nary a word was said by your fnm! It still took the PLP to say something about the EMR incident, and the juvenile who died in police custody!

  29. So where was all this outrage when Desmond Key was lying half dead in the hospital! Not a crack, no drama in Parliament, no noise in Rawson Square????


  30. Thats what the fnm does all the time kim! When the facts stare them in the face they sing “it is finish” and giggle their way right out of the house. I have never seen a more “spineless’ bunch in all of the parliaments! A line from Russell Johnson,” It did not have to be this way”

  31. @Trinity

    This government is very confused, I never thought I would of live to see the day when a young boy would died in policy custody and the Minister with responsibility for National Security isn’t just smiling, but he is literally laughing. At that point you have to realize something is not right with that picture.

  32. @Kim Sands
    You would think that they couldn’t be so cold, in fact you would hope so. With all the incidents that have occurred in recent months, it is evident that the plight of the poor black Bahamian is falling on deaf ears. The children have been forgotten, while as ronica stated, the illegals have more say than we do, in our own country no less…..What have we come to? And more importantly, how can we move on or even grow if this is the stance the government consistently takes when it comes to the well being of our children and in fact our nation as whole.

  33. When I really look at it, I think we are blowing this whole thing out of proportion; we can’t blame Tommy for grinning his teeth, because he really doesn’t know any better. See what you have to look at Tommy had a very privilege child hood. Sir Orville Turnquest and Lady Edith Turnquest with good intentions did their best for their children. They made sure Tommy and his siblings were not lacking for anything. You could say they were born with a silver spoon in their mouths. This is just to help you to see why Tommy is the way he is and why he cannot relate to certain situations and people who are not from a particular circle. Even as an adult I don’t think Tommy hardly drives over the hill to see how the other half lives, that’s probably why it was so hard for him to go down into Pinewood to give that grieving mother his sympathy. I really believe Tommy wanted to go; in fact I would go as far as saying, I am pretty sure he wanted to go, because nobody could be that cold.

  34. The showdown in parliament, succintly, I might add, shows that the PLP,
    has fought, and must continue to fight for the masses of bahamaians!
    The masses simply has no other voice .

    The “illegal immigrants” has the prime minister’s ear but the ‘young black bahamian male’ does not! Not one time has the prime minister and the fnm chided their police force over the amount of alleged police brutality and proven abuses.

  35. @Altec

    To be honest, I have not drive that way in a while for the same reason, what I would like to know is when are they planning on fixing up downtown, because Miss Universe Pageant is in August and that is not too far away from here. I really hope they get every thing in order by then, knowing how they is drag their feet, I doubt it.

  36. Kim Sands :
    @Objective thought
    Do you know if they sent for Birbal yet? There is just so many depressing things going on in this country and the way the government is dealing with it is not helping.

    Kim your right. I dont drive downtown much because i get depressed to see how that area is slowly disintegrating with its abundance of vacant and dilapidated buildings . The downtown area reflects the entire country socially, economically, and spiritually – slowly disintegrating, and the government doesnt seem to know what to do or how to handle it.

  37. I cant wait for the return of Hanna martin in Parliament and even though she will apologise it will be with reservations.It is difficult for anyone to apologise especially when they know the cause they fight for is correct.Weaklings are those who know the truth but only subscriobe to it when it is in their interest.Tommy and the Speaker and my good friend Carl, and Sidney Collie and Charles maynard are weaklings who should not again ask the Bahamian electorate to vote for them.This is like someone breaking into your home you shoot them and is asked to apologise bull….A 15 yr old boy died in Police custody and the Minister is allowing the Poli9ce to be scapegoats by not explaining their actions in Parliament what a dummy.Tommy must go as he has left the Police Force holding the bag.

  38. Hubert, Tommy T, Carl Bethel or anyone else in that party never had a plan. The are too clueless to even come up with a plan. While they were criticising the PLP, they should have been coming up with solutions to these same recurring problems. Now look at Tommy T, scrambling….he is way out of his league and he laughs as if this is a game…hole. It is embarassingly clear that the FNMs intentions begin and end with self interests. Doesn’t it bother anyone else that the only people better off in an FNM administration are people who are well off? HAI’s antics have affected everyone but the “select”. It angers me that the Bahamian people are still singing his praises when he is doing overtime screwing the average Bahamian at the drop of a hat. It takes some kind of ignorance to support a man who has shown himself to be unprincipled time and time again.

  39. @JR
    I expect the parliament to go on as usual on Monday but I don’t expect Glennys and mother Pratt to be there though!!

    The PLP can’t miss this opportunity to speak on this wutless budget!! We, the public, need to know the ins and outs of this budget so that we don’t get swing like last year!!!

    @Kim. I don’t know if they sent for Birbal yet.. It is so sad to talk about Tommy because I really thought that he would make a great PM but he has destroyed his chances by being the minister of Nat’l Sec!! This was his chance to prove that he would make a great leader and earn some respect from the public. Instead he has shown that he is weak and took on this mission without a plan and after 2 years, he still doesn’t have a plan!!!

  40. The police is a microcosm of our community, in most cases they are underpaid and over work, they are our brothers ,sisters, mommies and daddies, we have to be honest with ourselves, and we need to work with them to rid ourselves of crime and to expose them when they are wrong. I’ve always said they work for the Bahamian people, not the PM or the Minister. We the taxpayers pay their salaries, however, we have fallen down, we fail to challenge the status quo , we fail to demand accountability , we fail to cooperate. So the police is just a reflection of us when we look into the mirror. We cannot and must not continue to recruit bad apples. .
    One suggestion, we need to start dressing and equipping our police like police offers, not all this pomp and pageantry stuff. The stakes are too high, and in order to tackle and rid ourselves of crime we need to be serious. As much as I love the police band, this to must go. Are we here to entertain or to fight crime? We need to look at the condition of our force, we see police officers obese and out of shape, hanging out in the bar rooms, these are the people that holds life and death over us, and any derelict or misconduct has serious consequences.
    The criminals are not stopping, in fact they have become bold with their stance on crime. Drive by shootings, daylight holdups and robberies, gang bang killings, etc.
    So the 21st century is upon us and we are still doing the same things we did in the 1960’s,70’s 80’s, you see where am going with this. We are the police, we don’t take crime serious unless it happens to us. We have so much anger towards one another, that its scary. And when you look at the root cause, it can’t be found. I come from a long line of police officers, I know of the good and the bad. Bloggers I will continue to say, let’s use this forum for ideas and solutions. Let’s make this Bahamas , the jewel and envy of the world.

  41. Boy them FNMs could player hate. They have ZNS so why not PLPTV? LOL. Media you see Paulette Zonicle dust off she microphone and was out there trying to get Tommy and the other FNMs to speak. Good lord. I want see what will happen on Monday. Are they going to change the rules again to penalize Glenis some more?

  42. Kim Sands :I am sorry I can not trust this government, trust is something you have to earn and so far they have not earned my trust. Their performance when it came to issues pertaining to children were very poor. I could manage to accept their failure in almost all other areas, but when it comes to failing little children, that I cannot accept.

    Kim, I have to agree with you… I didn’t trust HI which is why I didn’t want him to come back and now that he is back, he has contaminated the whole FNM party, the police and the civil service!!

    HI is destroying this country and FNMs don’t want us to speak??? Are we not Bahamians too???

    HI should have dealt with the police from they defied an order from the COP to not wear those RED shirts at the polls on May 2nd 2007 and we would probably not be going through this…. The police have no respect for HI which is why they do whatever they want!!!

    You FNMs have NO shame!! Do yall even care about justice??

    Just like the Speaker did what he thought was the right thing and the police did what they were ordered to do by their superior, the PLP has done what they thought was the right thing to do for the people who put them there!!! And if I am correct, I think we the people are their bosses of them who sit in parliament.. This did not have to go where it went if the Speaker had done his job instead of being a puppet!!

    I believe in principle and Mrs Martin did what she thought was right and the Speaker did what he thought was right but the Speaker has more authority than she has so she must apoligize for her actions before she is allowed to take her seat in parliament. That just same right to me!!

    Things like this happens all over the world but their must be closure.. The youths will learn from this incident and they must learn that law and order is still the order of the day after all is said and done!!!

  44. I am sorry I can not trust this government, trust is something you have to earn and so far they have not earned my trust. Their performance when it came to issues pertaining to children were very poor. I could manage to accept their failure in almost all other areas, but when it comes to failing little children, that I cannot accept.

  45. These days in the Bahamas it looks like being an animal is safer than being a child. All I keep telling these children is they better keep a low profile until this government switches over. I don’t know what they have against the children, but for some reason they don’t seem to have any feelings when it comes to them.

  46. Tommy has again fumbled the ball on the one yard line with nothing to stop him from scoring.Having not grown up in the hood he lacks the common touch or he would have gone and seen the mother to reassure her that a full and open investigation was going to take place.Instead he has placed the Police in a very defensive position and now they have to prove to the public that they have done no wrong.This will now be ahard sell because to we on the outside the Minister was too defensive and raised more questions than answers.Thats a nervous grin bcos he recognises that his political career could be over.Every move by the Police now will be viewed with suspicion and all bcos their Minister tried duckong rather than letting the public know the facts.No matter what Tommy says now his voice will be blocked out.His inaction has placed every Policemans life in jeopardy,it did not have to be like this.

  47. You think Tommy head good? Let me see if I could get through to him, A BOY AGE 15 DIED IN POLICE CUSTODY!!!! Yeah, A BOY AGE 15 DIED IN POLICE CUSTODY!!! I really hope he sees this message and it would sink in, because for the life of me, I really don’t know why he is grinning his teeth, when this is clearly not a laughing matter.

  48. I hate seeing it boil down to the Police versus politicians.However it is what it is and since the Speaker has banned Hanna then his authority is intact despite the blunder he made in making her a martyr.She is feisty just as her father the Governor Grneral was.Change is coming to the PLP as Hanna has placed herself in a position to seriously be considered for Leadership.The Governor General when he was kicked out of Parliament in 1965 went on to become Deputy Leader of the PLP and then Deputy Prime Minister.Check this scenario mother Pratt retires to be replaced by Hanna Martin.She is strong and is just what the PLP and country need to keep the Govt on its toes.By targeting Hanna Martin the Govt has awakened the militant wing of the PLP and now it will not be business as usual.Nervous grinning will no longer be tolerated here or in Parliament,.So said so done.lolo lolo no need to be nervous its only political pun.

  49. Lawdy, Lawdy!! Looka Obie aka the Snitch. He is one joker!! The other day when he saw police he was weak at the knees!! Why wasn’t he escorting Pleasant his friend and business partner. He really is such a fakester always trying to latch on to some woman’s gowntail when it makes him look good!!

  50. Off Topic:

    BP you need to investigate these gas companies in the Bahamas. the price of fuel a barrel has been steadily going up the last 4 weeks and in that space of time the price of gas has already gone up almost overnight.

    My issue is this: When the price of gas was going down in Dec of last year it took forever for the price of gas per gallon to go down in the bahamas. Now that the price per barrel is going back up, the price at the pump quickly increases.

    Quietly gas has gone up to $4 and change and there was no announcement. BP you really need to look into this. the price of gas at the pump cant go up so quickly when the price per barrel increases and then go down slowly at the pump when the price per barrel quickly drops.

    We know what the oil companies will say each shipment of fuel is priced differently, but when the price is high notice how those shipments to the servie stations are frequent and when the prices are low those same shipments occur slowly.

    Something fishy is going on at the oil companies here BP. You need to sick ya peoples on dem.

  51. YEAH YEAH……I dont run talks buddy…..it is what it is!!! HUBERT BARK AIN GAT NO MORE BITE….PEOPLE tired of his ass…..STOP YA NONSENSE…….LOL he gat a pacemaker nah!!! That pitbull is a damn potcake nah!! A MANGY POTCAKE!!!

  52. @JT
    I still say JT. KEEP THEM PLPs out! Yall think you all have mouth, what when you hear our leader begin to speak. You all think Hubert does play ech. Hubert is a PIT BULL, NOT no pussy cat!

    Keep them PLPs out! LOL! And stay OUT!


  54. @Padeco
    And STOP TALKING FOOLISHNESS! I mean the nerve of these PLPs to come with PLP TV. Media, please tell them we don’t need no more MUPPET SHOW in this country. BOL!!!

    FNM!!!!!!!! KEEP THEM PLPs OUT, OUT OUT and STAY OUT!!!! BP yall is the best! Keep up the great work!

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