High-ranking RBDF officer cost taxpayers $100k and has failed his bar exams for a second time!


The same senior officer has a record of being accused of rape but the matter was swept away while the victim transferred to another government agency – BUT WICKEDNESS CATCHING UP WITH high-ranking officer!

Gun salute by the Military Police Force Protection Unit, RBDF. File Photo

NASSAU| The government is learning their investment into a RBDF high-ranking officer was a complete waste of time and money after spending over $100k on his education through an in service award.

BP is learning the officer, who carries the nickname ‘Big Soup’, used his connections deep inside the RBDF to get his study leave, knowing full well that he didn’t possess the competence to pass his exams.

Thousands spent and yet – for a second time – the high-ranking officer in his 50s has failed his bar exams as if he never attended a class. But here’s the kicker: every other RBDF officer. who got an in service and failed along the way had to repay the government every dime. In this case, “BIG SOUP” has been exempted. And questions are surfacing as to WHY?

Perhaps the deeds of the officer are finally catching up with him. You see, some years back, this same “BIG SOUP” was alleged to have raped a female cook on the Force. But again, because of those tight-tight connections and influence at the top, the matter was quickly buried in the ocean and the victim quickly transferred into another government agency to wipe the officer’s record clean. But here we are deep inside the filing room reading the transcripts. WHAT IS THIS?!

Bahamas Press, though, after reading these records of the RBDF, how could a marine dumb as grits get an in service award costing taxpayers more than $100,000 when he can barely spell the word “Defence” or even know what it means. WHAT IS THIS?!

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