PM Hubert Minnis

-Bahamians and residents strongly encouraged to refrain from non-essential travel abroad at this time.

-Public beaches and parks reopen Monday 29 June on New Providence and Paradise Island, Grand Bahama and Bimini. Gatherings restricted to 5 people or less. Failure to comply will result in a fine.

-Borders open to international commercial flights Wednesday 1 July. All visitors and returning Bahamians and residents must produce a negative COVID-19 RTPCR molecular diagnostic test result, administered by an accredited lab, to enter the country.

-Effective Tuesday 7 July, the results of the RTPCR COVID-19 test must have been taken no later than seven days from the date of travel. Until that date, the previously announced 10-day window of time before travel will continue to be accepted.

-Bahamians and residents returning from a trip abroad for a period of 72 hours or less may re-enter the country without a negative COVID-19 RTPCR test result but will have to quarantine for 14 days upon return. Quarantine time may be reduced if the traveler opts to take a COVID-19 RTPCR test, at their own expense, and the result is negative.

-Bahamians and residents returning to The Bahamas from countries where they cannot obtain a COVID-19 RTPCR test will be allowed to enter the country; however, they must clearly demonstrate that the test was unavailable. These travelers will also be subject to mandatory quarantine for 14 days upon arrival. Quarantine time may be reduced if the traveler opts to take a COVID-19 RTPCR test, at their own expense, and the result is negative.

-Hotels and vacation rentals which may have closed, may reopen on Wednesday 1 July.

-Tourist attractions, excursions and tours, vendors (including straw vendors) and jet ski operators will remain closed as a part of Phase 2 of the tourism re-opening plan.

-Attractions and excursions may re-open during Phase 3 of the tourism re-opening plan, which is scheduled to take effect Monday 13 July.

-Vendors, including straw vendors, may re-open and jet ski operators may resume operations under Phase 4 of the tourism re-opening plan, scheduled to take effect Monday 27 July.

-Masks not required during exercise – indoor or outdoor; however, masks are required up to the point of exercise and immediately after. Masks must be visible and easily identifiable on your person during exercise.

-Masks required on entry and exit of beaches, for all Bahamians, residents and visitors

-Royal Bahamas Police Force charged with leading the establishment of a COVID-19 Enforcement Unit to ensure compliance with and enforcement of the Emergency Orders. The Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Tourism will collaborate with and assist the RBPF.

-New fines for all persons, including Bahamians, residents and visitors, not wearing face mask of $200 or a period of one month imprisonment or both.

-Fines for business establishments who allow patrons to enter without a mask will be $500 on the first occurrence and $1,000 on the second occurrence. On the third occurrence, the business may be temporarily closed or required to pay a greater level of fines.

  • Government will not grant approval for a free-trade zone on the island of Andros, nor will it alienate or sell-off vast tracts of land in The Bahamas.

Thats ends that distraction from the budget.