High-speed Gun Chase From Dowdeswell to Bay Street Ran Drivers off the Road



The driver of a red Nissan Sentra slammed into a wall as gun toting thugs in a shoot-out chased through the downtown Nassau area.

Nassau, The Bahamas – Dowdeswell and Bay Streets were turned into the scene like an action movie around 1:30pm on Thursday afternoon with gun toting thugs moving through the streets knocking cars off the roadway and skimming pedestrians.

“All I heard was one loud sound of gunfire and when I looked one white car was chasing another white car full a boys pointing guns.” one eyewitness told our team.

Apparently a high-speed chase by the both vehicles were pointing guns at each other as the chase conttinued onto Bay Street.

The fact that another gun welding car of thugs again chased onto the busiest district of the country, sends a serious message of the raising level of lawlessness in the capital city.

A young C.V. Bethel student was shot in a drive-by shooting that took place on Bay Street in January claiming the life of the innocent school boy. Shortly after that incident, a police corporal found his death whilst on duty in the Dowdeswell Street area. His body was riddled with a hail of bullets by occupants of a vehicle that was chased by the patrol car into that area in January.

Workers in the Dowdeswell and Bay Street area poured onto the streets on Thursday to sneak a look at the cars that ran off the road during the high-speed chase. The front and back fender of one of the vehicles [In the chase] laid on the roadside, as a red Nissan Sentra ran into a wall after being hit by one of the vehicles.

One eyewitness told our reporter that the ensuing vehicle travelled with one of it occupants pointing a gun, with his body partly out the vehicle. “The boy was shouting expletives at the occupants in the car being chased,” another eyewitness said.

Police still have no comment on this latest incident. However, the evidence of the chase was left in the road on Dowdeswell Street.


  1. This is my five cents on crime matters,I would say in areas of stealing to the repeat offenders, they need to start removing a limb at a time to the expense of the immediate family, for those that commit crime with dangerous weapons, once proven guilty, should definitely have their limb removed seeing that they cant come to any decision on hanging, if they dont want to enforce the law of hanging in murder cases, then i figure they should at least consider removing a limb for each offense.

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