Historic Baptist Church set to break away from Convention as Pastor battles in court!


Church money in the millions wiped off the books – here we go again!

What is breaking at an historic Baptist Church?

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News coming out a Baptist Convention here in the Bahamas proves that trouble is brewing deep inside an historic church where some members are calling on the country’s spiritual leadership to intervene.

BP’s six-week long investigation into the historic Baptist community proves that something has gone seriously wrong and members are questioning whether Hitler has returned to the earth –  this time, however, in the form of a pastor.

“The pastor has gone out of his way to erode our long established traditions of accountability and transparency here in this church. We believe in structure and in having a clear understanding as to where we are going as a people. However, today I feel as if I am going to meeting with Hilter, Sunday after Sunday, while members who question the leadership are being threatened and ostracized.”

Bahamas Press
has learnt the Trustee Board of the congregation has changed almost five times and senior wardens and deacons in the historic church have been removed; some almost physically from office.

At one meeting where a senior deacon questioned the pastor’s authority, the officer was threatened with a beating as he was thrown out.

“These incidents are dangerous and if members do not wake up, it will be too late before they realize they have been ‘had, hoodwinked, bamboozled, run amok and lied to’,” the concerned parishioner said.

BP’s probe into the bank accounts at the church has driven our concerns deeper into the events, and, from what we know, potentionally a criminal investigation could follow.

Documents reveal transactions from accounts within the church proving that more than $1.5 million dollars have vanished from the books at the historic church and, in one single transaction alone, over a half-a-million-dollars was wiped from the church account.

Bahamas Press
has learnt that no accounting of the funds have been reported to the membership of the church nor has anyone since explained what happened to the money.


We can also report that when the treasurer of the church was questioned on the shocking developments, no response was given and, further, nothing has been said on the developing matter.

On Friday night past an emergency meeting was held at the church with members which one youthful Baptist described as “a meeting persons who are ready to leave the earth.”

“The meeting was called outside the rules of the church which confirms that General Church meetings must be announced three weeks before any meeting is held. In addition to that, the meeting was being chaired by the Pastor, with no other officer or Trustee accounting to the church. What is this?”

One of the matters arising at that Friday meeting is the intent of the pastor to have removed off the books of the church any members who intentionally seek to challenge or question the leadership of the organization.

Bahamas Press has learnt a number of members, some who have been members of the church for more than 50 years, are being threatened to have their memberships revoked! Persons have considered joining an action now before the courts to open the books which would bring to the surface questions about the accounting and the stewardship of the pastor and his handling of the churches finances.

The same pastor was taken to court by the Baptist Convention recently. However, the judge hearing the case claimed only members of the church can take their minister to court and therefore the action filed was thrown out!

And that’s not all. The Convention, which has over 75 churches under its umbrella, is now being threatened with a break up by the pastor of the historic church. Sources tell us the pastor has already convinced some eight association churches to leave the Convention.

The Convention meets this coming April and all we say is this – ALL HELL IS ABOUT TO BREAK LOSE as the Prince of Darkness has entered the pulpit of an historic Baptist church here in the Bahamas.

To prepare for our next story on this breaking investigation, required reading is Romans Chapter 1:18 – 32!  Take out your bibles and say amen when you find it.

Stay Tuned!

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