Hit and run in latest traffic fatality on Prospect Ridge this Valentine morning…


NASSAU| Police recorded yet another traffic fatality early this morning around 1:30am.

Traffic police discovered the lifeless body of a male victim lying in the road. The victim was struck by a small Japanese vehicle, which left the scene of the incident headed in a westerly direction. 

The victim was pronounced dead by medical teams who arrived a short time later. Police have not identified the victim but noted that they will be investigating this incident further.

We keep telling yall – when people see the death of a person due to a fatality is only $5,000 in the courts, drivers now see they could leave the scene and pay nothing! LIFE IS CHEAP AROUND HERE, AND SOME PEOPLE NEED TO GET A STRONG MESSAGE WHEN THEY DO THINGS LIKE THIS!

Pray for the family and the soul of the victim.

We report yinner decide!