Honour finally delivered to a deserving member of the legal profession has made news around the world!


Philip Brave Davis is now finally a QC!

Deputy Prime Minister Hon. Philip Brave Davis

Nassau, Bahamas — After his New Year’s address, Prime Minister Rt. Hon. Perry Christie made right a long injustice committed against his VICEROY Philip Brave Davis by his former law partner, Hubert Ingraham. This was good!

When QC honours were being considered back in 2007, just after the General Elections, persons like the Cat Island MP were struck off the list. Though recommended by the fraternity as having a stellar record in landmark successful cases before the Privy Council, spite and jealousy demonstrated by the former regime prohibited Brave Davis from the honour he deserved.

Announcement of his elevation could not hit the newspapers fast enough before commendations from all around the world began to pour in.

In a letter posted online, the writer shared this, “I have always had great admiration for your legal brain and your successes at the bar (especially your spectacularly successful track record before the Court of Appeal). You have, if I may say so, a superbly analytical mind and a demonstrated capacity for deep research and persuasive articulation.”

While Davis – former President and Vice-President of the The Bahamas Bar Association – many know Brave Davis sat on the Council of Legal Education and its Executive Committee as well as the Academic Committee of the Norman Manley Law School in Jamaica. His unselfish service saw his assistance in the creation of the Dupuch Law School, which today has opened opportunities for many Bahamians to receive an education in the legal profession right here in the Bahamas.

The setback by the former regime depicts a telling attitude of hate by former Prime Minister Ingraham for the sitting Deputy Prime Minister. This is not new.

We remember how, back during the elections of 2012, the emperor who almost never wore clothes traveled to Cat Island seeking to outspend the PLP’s VICEROY to have him beaten in his seat.

Denying Davis the right to what every member of the Bar agreed he was deserving of was just one example of the vindictive and spiteful nature of Hubert Ingraham.

But despite all this, the country has turned in a new direction and, yes, it is a new day.

Perry Gladstone Christie has once again done good for his countrymen and has made right what many persons agreed should have been done a very long time ago.

We congratulate Mr. Davis publicly and celebrate his elevation to silk.

This is a good day!

We report yinner decide!

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