How come Minnis FNM find concerns about the PLP comments but is not concerned about the comments of Benett Minnis?


According to Me – Sharon T – STOP THE HYPOCRISY

Branville McCartney and FNM Chairman Carl Culmer together at last!

So now members of the governing party care about public comments denigrating people with dark skin? Where was the FNM government and its supporters when Water & Sewerage board chairman Bennet Minnis made multiple hate-filled voice notes calling dark-skinned Bahamians monkeys and hurling homophobic slurs? He repeated those comments in a national newspaper. Minnis kept his post and was not forced to say as little as “I’m sorry”. In fact, he declared he would do it again.

Now because the rally turnout for the PLP very clearly rattled FNM MPs and their supporters, they are suddenly outraged about colorist comments by a PLP supporter who at least was made to apologize for her unacceptable comments?

Stop the hypocrisy. This is why we as black people have such trouble advancing. We only see value in one another when we are seeking to benefit off the backs of one another. Hate and self-hate is wrong no matter where it comes from.

And when a public official appointed by the FNM government spewed hate against Bahamians of dark skin and of a sexual orientation he disapproves of, the government was and still is dead silent.