How did Lanisha Rolle issue her husband a government-registered vehicle? Is he also now on the Government payroll in Youths and Sports?


The husband of Minister Lanisha Rolle’s shown here now jumping into his Government issued vehicle.

Nassau – Bahamas Press has learned that the husband of the Minister for Youth, Sports and Culture has been spotted driving around in a government registered red plate vehicle.

Sources believe the husband is now the new driver for the Minister who does not even trust herself these days.

The couple traveled on an all expense paid trip to the UK for “Sports Training” and to drop their young daughter off at school! The taxpayers sponsored the family’s summer vacation [approved by PM MINNIS].

But what we cannot understand is how could Lanisha Rolle’s husband get the pleasure of driving up and down in a government issued red plate and senior Directors in the government are catching the bus? WHAT IS THIS!?

We have also spotted the decent wife of the PM driving her own personal vehicle these days and if anyone deserves a government vehicle would be the PM’s wife! But the husband of Lanisha Rolle gets such privileges? What is this?!

We report yinner decide!