How did we get to this place of Crime & Corruption?



Lawyers, officials and the holders of justice in The Bahamas gather to worship at the official Red Mass at Christ Church Cathedral. (file photo)

Nassau, Bahamas: Bahamas Press seeks to shed some light on the out-of-control situation of crime and criminal activity here in The Bahamas. Everyone, including officials of the government are wondering – acting to have amnesia – as to how we as a people have stooped this low, when it comes to the rise of criminality in our country.

Bahamas Press confirms that we all are to blame. The Bahamas particularly during the 1980s became a ship rudderless. It was like the country had a mental breakdown. Everyone, including members of the CHURCH, participated in what is known back then as the ‘DRUG CULTURE’! It is a dark and sad chapter in the history of this country!

Everyone who is anyone in this town had some family member trafficking drugs. They stashed it under grammy’s wodden floor, whilst the whole family partied outside on the beach, day after day drinking beer and cussing themselves to sleep.

Somehow we are having memory lapses and forgetting how brand new cars sat on the roads of Andros because those owners had a flat tyre or a scrape in the paint and flew on a charter plane to Miami to buy a new car. And somehow we forget – totally forgot – how we were so sophisticated and bloody rich that we lured, in mass, the Haitian population as our slaves. Some of us were so rich that not only we hired the Haitians, but began behaving like slave masters saying that, “THIS WAS MY HAITIAN” to do work, our own children refused to do.

We in The Bahamas during those years accepted the MP gifts of; turkey, ham and money flying out of planes, which corrupted the single process which should have been left in tact, that being, our democratic principles and processes.

We as a people became so tainted, duplicitous and evil that to speak truth would incriminate brothers and sisters who opened those shops and plazas through illegal means. We kept silent as we built these humongous houses, some with three and four sitting rooms, whilst the family collapsed and died with feuds of greed. And, the shame of having all that wealth of the eighties grounded our children and now grand children into a culture that, ‘you don’t have to work for anything!’ Everything came by DRUGS or laundering, corruption or illegal means. LYING and deceiving and being deceived, and guess what? Our children today believe just what they saw and what we told them.

Even the church had its share of WICKEDNESS here in The Bahamas. Who remembers the huge construction of those padded pews and stained glass window edifices, constructed during those dark years? Where pastors right in this town and on Family Islands, went to commercial banks depositing millions of dollars from their 10 member congregations? Or if you don’t remember that just remember the song, “CHURCH OUT CRAB CRAWLING!” by Eddie Minnis. And yes, things like that did happen, but it was Church out – particularly on many Family Islands – whilst drugs were falling.

Somewhere in our short history, history books, politics, editorial pages and radio talk shows have erased all this from the minds of this current generation. NOBODY IS TALKING nor have WRITTEN ABOUT THE PAST OF THIS CORRUPT BAHAMAS! ABSOLUTELY NOBODY!

Bahamas Press finds all this INCREDULOUS and that after years where the judiciary in The Bahamas allowed drug dealers to walk free, murderers to walk free, judges to fly on islands with defense attorneys to cut deals. And incarcerated illegal Cubans walked right out the front doors of the Her Majesty’s Prison. After years where police officers were known to be protectors of the drug trade and Defense Force officers known as facilitators of the drug smugglers and gun runners. Today in this modern Bahamas we are all scratching our heads wondering what is wrong in this country.

Bahamas Press understands this too well, the WE – the people of this country, having pleasured in the crimes of the eighties have now suddenly awaken from our slumber crying and yelling at ourselves! We are to blame for the state of CRIME and criminality in The Bahamas today, and we at Bahamas Press conclude with these questions we must ask and answer for ourselves? ARE WE READY to have REAL CHANGE in this Bahamas in every sense of the word? Or do we long for the past to be once again?

Those are the questions Bahamians must ask and answer for themselves, and if we wish for the latter, we assure you things will get worse, long before they ever get better. For as mama use to say, “if you forget where ya come from, you sure as hell don’t know where ya gern!”

Bahamas Press now with over 447,000 regular readers…WE TAKING OVER!!!


  1. Each article I have read is well written and to the point. I would also like to say, not only are the posts well written, but the lay-out of your web-site is excellent. I was able to navigate from article to article and locate what I was looking for with ease. Keep up the great work you are doing, and I will be back many times in the future.

  2. I submitt that just like a yard overgrown with weeds are parliment functions. The weeds represent the negative history. Cleanup has to start from recognizing the dirt. This article speaks volumes for what is on the face of every Bahamian alive today. We have to know where we are comming from to appreciate our positive future. Parliment needs a new view with points from this story in mind.

  3. He is definitely in denial and he DOESNT CARE and that is what makes a serious difference.

  4. Wow, it is really important to keep up with whats going on in your own country. I am in agreement with WW that is what the PM should really do. Do you think he is in denial of what is really going on in our country? Because the first thing is to relize then work on how we can correct the problems. (MOVE FORWARD). I really don’t want to be pessimistic.

  5. Sorry to blow your thoughts, WW, but the PM would be the last person to say, “let’s restore our Bahamas,” seeing that he is the one hell bent on mashing it up.

  6. This is a great story. I wish this could be tabled in the house of assembly and at the end the Prime Minster says’ “Honorable members, let’s restore our Bahamas.”

  7. Okay my grown son that is in college, I will get his mother to breast feed him so he doesnt get any violent ideas. Also I have another eight year old son, I will have her simultaneously feed them both.

  8. We are reaping the rewards of the bottle feeding culture. Recent studies show that Serotonin mixed with enzymes form a chemical that is responsible for peace and love- only found in breast milk. The researcher challenged the criminal justice to find one criminal, one murder, one person with violent behavior incarcerated in prison who was breastfeed for two years. The BAHAMAS NATIONAL BREASTFEEDING ASSOCIATION is appealing for people to be come members, men and women alike to develop strategies to protect,promote and support breastfeeding. We want to empower women in their rights and for the rights of babies to get the food provided by God for his creation. We want to revolutionize the culture of breastfeeding and vigorously fight against the incursions of the bottle feeding culture. As the National breastfeeding coordinator-that’s my five cents.

  9. BP, what is worse is that the state of lawlessness infiltrates every facet of our society. Sometimes it is sickening just to drive our streets where red lights mean stop for just some of us, gas stations are alternative routes to intersections, and the white lines painted in the road are suggestions and do not limit what can be considered a lane. We think nothing about purchasing pirate DVD’s on the street and sometimes these movies are even show in churches as a means to raise funds. I hate to admit it but a few years ago, at the church I attend, one Easter our Rev. showed The Passion of the Christ in place of his sermon! Mind you this was while the movie was STILL in theatres and complete with bobbing heads. Today we look at certain criminal or immoral activities with disgust, but after tolerating it and through the passage of time, it becomes small things.

    Every single sector of our society needs to take an honest look at itself. We really need to do better or our beloved Bahamas will be going to hell in a basket. Whenever trade borders are eliminated due to EPA, FTAA or whatever agreement and with our tolerance of wrong doing, can you imagine what global lowlifes will be attracted to our country. Bahamas we need to straighten up before it is too late.

  10. LOL! But this is what we are all about. Speaking and exposing the truth where we see it. Did you see how ‘ER’ just came in here and started talking about some MP caught at a brothel? You see how asinine and deflective we as a people can be when we begin to read truth? What does an unnamed MP gat to do with the story at hand. But today and of late, I am lessening my energies to responding to vain thoughts. Thank YOU ‘Morehands’, glad you liked it.

    As I said before, not sure if on this website, but when the KING shall call for the hands of this writer, as Queen Elizabeth I did for a writer many years ago, my response would be the same as it was for that British poet who denounced the actions of the Queen, “These are the hands and the thoughts of a TRUE, TRUE BAHAMIAN, God SAVE THE BAHAMAS!”

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  11. Congratulations, Media!!! Now you talking media professionalism. I love this article. It is plain talking truth. The present state of the country did not start last year when the FNM got in power nor did it start six years ago when the PLP was in power. We as a people need to stop blaming the political parties for the condition we’re in and begin to blame ourselves – the real persons who have allowed crime and criminal behaviour to run rampant for two decades. Our chickens have come home to ruse and we all must work together to fix it.

    I liked your analysis of the Haitian predicament as well – when the money was flowing we wanted them as slaves and now that the money, jobs and land drying up we want them to go home.

    People owe some many other people favours in this country and erybody is family that it will be very hard to clean things up. But, we can do it.

    Thanks for your objectivity in this article. It made for great reading. (lets just see what the two jackals will post when they log in again. I bet something negative, counterproductive and asinine,….as usual)

  12. Police corruption claim

    By ARTESIA DAVIS, NG Senior Reporter,

    It’s not unusual for drug dealers to enjoy top shelf liquor, Cuban cigars and participate in orgies, but they can still get all these things at a local police station — for a price, The Nassau Guardian has learned.

    According to sources, acting police chief Reginald Ferguson is investigating allegations of corruption at Central Police Station, after receiving a letter that accuses junior and middle-ranking officers of wrongdoing. Ferguson told The Guardian yesterday that there would be serious consequences for the officers if the allegations against them are substantiated.

    An accused drug dealer, who is fighting extradition to Miami, Florida, told The Guardian that the Hennessy was free-flowing at Central Police Station as officers catered to his desires when he came to court on remand or for hearing dates.

    He said: “You can get anything in there. They even used to let us sex in there. It was like a brothel.”

    The man alleged that policemen allowed him and other men fighting extradition to have sex with their girlfriends or wives in offices in the station for $100. Sometimes the men had sex in bathrooms in the Supreme Court and Court of Appeal buildings, he claimed. The man claimed that he once had sex with two women in the court’s bathroom. The rum was smuggled into the station in 20-ounce soda bottles, according to the source.

    He claimed that an officer extorted $500 from him when he was freed on $100,000 bail on the extradition matter. He said that the man threatened to hold onto his release order if the money was not paid.

    The corruption claims were made following news that an internal inquiry is underway into the actions of the officers who may have helped a drug suspect escape from the station on July 21. The accused drug dealer said he was not surprised at claims that policemen aided Omar Smith’s escape.

    He said: “Those officers will do anything for money. They are no good and it’s about time that their deeds caught up with them.”

    Smith, 26, who is Jamaican, was remanded to Her Majesty’s Prison, Fox Hill, when he was arraigned on a marijuana possession with intent to supply charge. But officials at the prison refused to accept Smith from policemen because they did not have a warrant to authorize his detention.

    Smith reportedly escaped when he was returned to the station. Smith’s warrant was reportedly found hidden in a desk drawer at the station, the day after his escape.

    According to well-placed sources, an inspector stopped a constable from destroying a remand warrant on the day Smith disappeared. The officer was reportedly sorting through a stack of warrants before the prison escort when he removed one of them from the pile. The inspector interjected as the officer was about to rip up the warrant. He was told that warrants are never destroyed. The officer reportedly placed the warrant in a diary instead of returning it to the pile. Sources allege that criminal charges will be filed in connection with the escape.

    Earlier this year, a police sergeant was charged with helping accused narcotics kingpin Melvin Maycock Sr. to escape from the Elizabeth Estates Police Station. Police arrested Maycock in February on an extradition request that was made in June 2004. He was placed in a cell at the station, but when officers from the Drug Enforcement Unit (DEU) came to collect Maycock, his son, Melvin Maycock Jr., had replaced him in the cell. Sergeant Troy Lewis and Maycock Jr. were each granted $20,000 bail after they were charged with assisting the escape of a prisoner. Police captured Maycock Sr in June. He has been denied bail.

  13. TRUE FACTS, Bahamas Press, thanks for reminding us, on how the Bahamas got to this state.

    “Facts are stubborn things; and whatever may be our wishes, our inclinations, or the dictates of our passion, they cannot alter the state of facts and evidence.” US President John Adams once said.

    However, Crime & Corruption were the ugly twins of the 1980’s. The seed of these twins have multiply a hundred fold.
    The good news is, a generation of Bahamians has awakened from their slumber, and asks the question; who would burn the harvest?

  14. ER, as you can see we are not late again, all we say is that we know when you all in the WUTLESS MEDIA continue to DEFLECT news from the real news.

    A police suggesting that he saw a MP outside a brothel is NOT news. And we assure you, that was written to sell papers. To put it BLUNT!

    Our contacts say that was another crocked up LIE. So please, don’t come in here asking us to confirm what a WUTLESS media outlet conjure in their mind and spread on their pages.

    But rather, ask us to confirm what we write. Like the police #1015 who having a field day robbing and beating Haitians. Or Others things posted here like on the AG with a ‘SEXUAL PREDATOR INSTINCT! And we advise you to stay tuned, a HOT story coming on the NEW ATTORNEY GENERAL! A JAW DROPPER!

    But in the imagination put forth by the WUTLESS TRIBUNE is an interesting one. HOW CAN A POLICE OFFICER BE OUTSIDE A BROTHEL WATCHING A SALE GO DOWN? AND WARN THE MP, but said not a single word about the hooker? And is not the Mayfair hotel close? So what hookers still doing having sales under police care? The story have NO TEETH, just like the ‘toothless lion’.

    And if the POLICE could be sexing in the Supreme court bathroom and right in the Central Police station. What do you think they doing in a parking lot at a brothel? Come one ER, start thinking for yourself and stop relying on Bahamas Press to spoon feed you on what you should and should not eat.

    Bahamas Press/ Editor

  15. What’s happening Bahamas Press? How come you late again and let the wutless press beat you with the story on the M.P. caught outside the West Baystreet whore? Man even if you late with the news, let us know who the M.P. is or at least which party he belong to.

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