Prime Minister Gone To Haiti on Vacation?



Prime Minister Hubert Ingrahan and Mrs. Ingraham departed Nassau on board the Norwegian Sky on Wednesday, August 6 for their annual holiday. The Caribbean cruise will have scheduled stops in Haiti, Cayman, Jamaica and Mexico. Prime Minister Ingraham will return to office on Monday, August 18. Well at least Sharon Turner ain’t on this trip.


  1. Mental obviously hitting that too or IS Sharon Turner herself. I find her/his posts now boring.

    Tight Lips on the other hand is crazy. I would hope that the crazed PM is truly not sleeping with her as she so slackly implied. At this time no sensible thinking Bahamian will find a PM lovable who is trying to stamp out the country’s middle class and kill our economy. Sure he is “Simple The Best”…..drunk with power fool.

  2. Instead of blindly defending BP at the expense of looking like a total fool (too late for that though). Perhaps you should seek to extract your head from the sand.

    Men defend women as a matter of honor. They do not, as this author has done seek to scandalize without presenting proper proof (see the recent story about why mainstream media held off on John Edwards affair for details). Or stone them based on accusation alone.

    If more men, defended the honor of women in this country as opposed to treating them like whores, then The Bahamas would not have THE HIGHEST NUMBER OF RECORDED AMONGST ALL COUNTRIES IN THE WORLD.

    For once in your life, lay your pride aside and say that it is not your place to presume a young woman is sleeping with a man she works closely with, just because she is attractive. Give women a little more credit. Don’t act like a chauvinist Neanderthal because of your political leanings. Surely you are better than that.

  3. My PM is Concise and efficient in his use of language or reasoning you might refer to his method when you dialogue
    Drama King one can only advise your Hips are not tight ********** let me further advise you I sure know my Lips are Tight might i confirm my Lover prefer Tight P**** firmly secured on time Drama King you seem to take a liking to Hips Sorry if you are perceived as less desirable or inferior to PM DK maybe you have an Intense dislike for our Lovable Prime Minister come on even you know “He’s simply the best” the world need more love come on…… Don’t be hating OOH BOY IS HE SEXY AND A GENTLEMAN.

  4. WTF???!!! So Tight Hips…err…I mean Tight Lips in other words you saying you is Hubert Sweetie??…..thats one thing I have to stomach but did you call him “Sexy”?? Anyway I will leave that alone as I am a man and I dont know what much women out there look for as a visual requirement on men.

    As for Mental….. men usually DEFEND THE HONOR of their WIVES or GIRLFRIENDS??? Are you admitting that you are “hitting up” this lil gal too? Spit it out man!! Let us hear why you so defensive.

  5. Please leave hubert alone he’s a man oops not much men on the other side drama king if you are sharon turner sis dat man is “mine” so to all you crazy a**h**** please let my sexy sweet PM run this country cause he don’t have any wasted energy gal you take the photos on the outside sis i will always complete the inside.

  6. please lets just stay focused on the real purpose for this site. If the pm has a fling let his wife deal with him on that.

  7. “Whateva man”…sharp comeback my freind.

    I am not Sharon Turner, just a a guy, who much like you I suppose, has too much time on his hands.

    Like the gentleman that I am, I tend to try and defend the honor of a lady. Clearly we have a lack of gentlemen out there.

  8. Whateva man!! I feel you are probably Sharon Turner why you taking this so personal. Bahamian people, in this day and time, are very selfish by nature……so in my opinion you are either Sharon Turner or some friend of hers. Why you didnt say BP is slandering the PM or Perry Christie? Why you so defensive of this lil gal?

  9. I, Drama King, did not disclose my name because I do not claim to be the authority on the real news, like the people that run this website. and if you took the time to look up the word slander, you’ll clearly see that BP is slandering the young lady, and very tactlessly so I might add.

    How do we believe what you are saying is the truth if we do not know the first thing about you?

  10. Mental ….since you so curious about the real names of the authors on this blog, how come you didnt post your real name?? Shouldnt it all begin with YOU. When you in glass house please dont throw no stones, man.

    Who slandering Turner? She slandering herself ! The lil gal is bad news from she showed up on the map. She is a cut throat just like her evil boss.



  12. While this is slanderous garbage…it’s pretty much par for the course for this site.

    What I do find interesting is that while you are so bold as to slander people like Ms. Turner and the attorney general…you lack the courage of your convictions and will not attach any of your names to any of the articles you post.
    Perhaps you could enlighten us all as to why you would publish such drivel without disclosing authorship.
    Also, you must surely realize that if anyone had to pay to access this site, you would be in a very precarious position…

  13. Well we all know it bad. The last vacation Hubert went on, he went on a European Tour. But now that he has brought this country to its knees, now we see he having vacation in the poorest country in the world! I don’t know about any of you, but the country automatically feels lighter.

    Bahamas Press

  14. Legal Eye…I have done the math last year when the FNM came to office and this woman Turner arose from the ashes clad wit a camaera and has benefitted so much from the FNM ….err…the PM …..and can be seen travelling on ALL his trips…errr…..besides this one…….its things that make you go hmmmmmm…….I think the guy is doing something untoward.

  15. I agree 100% with “Someone with sense” and “U got to be kidding”.

    Also, to Media let me say that in these recessionary time, ALL this FREE entertainment you provide makes it a challenge for folks to not “hit” your site as often as you have indicated. It sure does beat buying a ticket to the movies and spending $$$ for gas to go to see the moveie. This site provides Great entertainment especially for those of us with “REAL” vocations. Please keep the free, substance void drama rolling.

  16. I agree with someone with sense….however, One thing you can say about Mr. Christie (my prime minister) and Mr. Ingraham, they een no sissy…. And if ever a Sissy was ever to lead the Plp, well i een voting….And you all know where am comming from.

  17. To ‘Someone (who suppose to have) Sense’ would know not Even the ‘WUTLESS’ PLP webmaster the lowest member of that party cannot agree with your comments on here. And why, WHY if this is not breaking news for you anymore, you continue to come in here DAY AFTER DAY, and log on? hmmm.

    At least when we break news, we call the names and numbers. We confirm the places, we quote the facts. But you are soo use to being spoon fed hot grits with fried; tommy, carl, perry and hubert scrambled eggs (PR), when you see REAL FOOD (REAL NEWS) you don’t know how to even hold your fork and spoons properly.

    However, we cannot beg you to keep coming in here. Just stop pointing your computer here THATS ALL! And Carry ya CRAZY #@$#%# to the vendor and buy your daily RAG #%@$! AND LIKE THE WUTLESS PLP WEBMASTER STAY OFF THIS WEBSITE!

  18. Ok you really outdid yourself with this article. I honestly thought that the purpose of Bahamas Press was to bring the hardcore news to the public which the dailys refuse to print. However it seems as if I was wrong and this site is determined to be just another propoganda site for PLP politicians who want Perry out but don’t have the balls to remove him. Didn’t think you would turn out to be another potcake or bahamasuncensored.

  19. Drama King are accusing our beloved PM of being a two timer. Our PM is obviously a happily married man –so you do the math.

  20. This site seems to me to be needing a link connecting it to the PLP’s home page because all I am seeing lately is crab rhetoric and no real news. I use to hold this site in higher regard but off late the true colors and objectives of this site are beginning to surface.

    Its sad that your news finding talents are being wasted on such rhetoric and utter non-sense instead of truly competing with the local dailys as a news source. SAD, SAD, SAD…Mr. Editor.

    Anyways I am going back to reading a more reliable source of information. THE PUNCH!

  21. Sharon Turner cant be on this trip because Delores Ingraham is on this trip…do the math…….I wonder who took this picture. Media please let us know. I am sure it was Peter Ramsay.

    So I guess when Ingraham stops in Haiti he will be getting a collection of his usual voo doo dolls and bones to sit under the coconut tree in his back yard and “practice”….oops did I say thatttttt

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