How governments are manipulating the masses regarding Covid-19



Throughout the course of human history powerful, violent and ruthless elites have used their immense wealth to control the masses. 

Government leaders have always been for sale to the highest bidder, and every government uses intimidation, fear and force to control the populations they dominate.  The Bahamas is no exception.

Cognitive dissonance is a debilitating psychological condition caused by an overwhelming fear of isolation, rejection, ridicule, financial failure, sickness, or other personal harm.  

The related science and medical data now confirm that the Covid-19 pandemic is a massive medical fraud, not a lethal disease.  It is no more dangerous than the average seasonal flu.  However, the government’s response with lockdowns, social distancing, face masks, travel restrictions and quarantines have been planned for over 10 years by the international financial and corporate elites who control our nation.  The results have been devastating for our society.

It was my hope that Bahamas Press had the intelligence and moral courage to study and learn the facts about the Covid-19 fraud, and the fearless determination to report the truth about the worst abuse of government power in the history of our country.

The Bahamas is being destroyed by public officials who have betrayed our trust.  They have intentionally lied to us about Covid-19.  THEY KNOW IT IS A SCIENTIFIC FACT THAT THE PCR TEST CANNOT ISOLATE OR IDENTITY ANY SPECIFIC CORONAVIRUS MOLECULE, AND THEREFORE IS COMPLETELY USELESS AS TEST FOR SARS Cov-2.  YET THEY CONTINUE TO PROMOTE THE COVID-19 FRAUD BASED ON THIS TEST.  These government officials have blood on their hands and do not deserve our respect. 

Bahamas Press has the platform and is in the position to speak truth to power, but you continue to report the government lies about Covid-19 without question.  Why?

The Bahamas is a nation of 400,000 people.  We could resist this fascist totalitarian exploitation of our country if we had true servant leaders with sound judgment and integrity, and the will to break free from the psychological chains of global financial oppressors.

Charlie Beall