How is it the Post Master General is working without any written or current contract?

Perry McHardy

NASSAU| Sources deep inside the moldy Post Office tell us Tommy Turnquest’s brother-in-law, Perry McHardy, refuses to go home as Postmaster General, even though his contract already expired earlier this year.

McHardy, you would recall, was brought out of retirement and put under a contract approved by the Minnis Cabinet to work on the transition of the General Post Office as it moved into the Town Centre Mall.

With his retirement cheque still in hand, and a new contract too, McHardy has refused to vacate his office even though his contract has ended.

McHardy, you should know, serves under that dangerous LOI master and doping sports king Renward Wells. Wells is clueless as to what to do now that the Post Office now relocated into the Town Centre Mall, but cannot pass international inspections for postal requirements. And someone must explain this!

McCardy, in the meantime, continues to collect his perks, driving the government car up and down, doing his own business, while pipes burns and staff gets wet up with black mold inside the sorting room.

We report yinner decide!