Guardian and Eyewitness editors kicked out of BPL’s media chat group – What is happening with democracy?


A petition must begin against BPL! Higher bills with more power-cuts!

NASSAU| Two media personalities were kicked out of BPL’s media group this week. Candia Dames and Clint Watson were both kicked out of the media alert group after asking questions of representatives of the corporation.

BPL is ducking questions as the country enters a period of crisis with providing electricity supply. International agencies are becoming concerned with the state of power cuts across the capital city which continues without any solution or relief near for businesses and residents.

This week Tuesday the Road Traffic Department closed its doors from the motoring public as power supply cuts hindered its operations. And they have a massive Solar Field!?

BPL don’t want anyone asking questions. They refuse to answer questions to its failures in power generation. And now they threaten the spirit of democracy as the Corporation has kicked probing journalists out its group.

Someone must start a petition against BPL!

We report yinner decide!