How will NIB process cheques now that community spread of Coronavirus has hit the head office of the Board?

NIB Headquarters

NASSAU| Bahamas Press is reporting several cases of Covid19 in the National Insurance Complex on Bailliou Hill Road.

We can report NIB over the weekend began sanitization exercises at the main headquarters after an employee in the NIB Card Registration section became exposed to coronavirus. Since then, some three other employees in other departments at the Board have been exposed and are now quarantined.

NIB is almost shutdown at its headquarters location and, although hundreds are seeking unemployment benefits and assistance when this is all done we expect a major backlog in processing claims to be the case.

BP warned NIB from early in the year to get its digital platforms up and running in order to make claims and payments by the Board a smooth, modern process. But who is listening?

Now that community spread at NIB is growing, how will NIB deal with the claims when you cannot come to the office?

We report yinner decide!

COVID cleaning teams leaving NIB main building on Baillou Hill Road over the weekend.