HR Manager Abuses Authority While Committing Crookery at ZNS

ZNS deceased employee Colin Trotman and his lover Patrice Johnson who he left his money to.

NASSAU| BP tracked down a circulated voice note yesterday to listen to it. BP was astonished to hear a man running hot and begging ZNS HR Manager Sandra Knowles to release money left for a deceased ZNS employee’s lover. 

BP had to sit down and swallow dead hard to take in what BP heard. We still have to ask what in da hell gern on down at ZNS?! Managers gone wild and every damn thing exposed!!! 

Sandra Knowles is holding back on dearly departed Colin Trotman’s beneficiary money because he left his 35-year earnings to his sweetie, Patrice Johnson. Since when did Knowles get so moralistic and she been sweethearting right up in ZNS her damn self – because when that northern plane land …  we coming back to that because we have to deal with the matter at hand first. 

Story has it that Colin Trotman left his wife for greener pastures and changed his Will and the name of his beneficiary on ZNS documents to Patrice Johnson. Knowles don’t want to pay the woman because the woman was Trotman’s sweetheart and he died in her house. Trotman’s signature and Knowles’ signature is on the document which states who the money should go to but, because there is no law at ZNS, Knowles is deciding she is not going to give the sweetheart her rightful money left to her by Trotman. Knowles is above the laws of the country. Catching feelings on behalf of the man’s wife. 

BP also heard that Knowles made herself beneficiary to deceased employee Fred Ferguson’s ZNS money. 

Please remember Ferguson was the employee who was involved in a tragic accident on the day of Trotman’s funeral and never recovered. He was taken to Florida for care and the only person who saw him alive after that accident was Ms. Sandra Knowles, his beneficiary. Ferguson wasn’t the smartest man. He depended on others for assistance with forms and what not, so Knowles took advantage of the man. 

An investigation needs to be launched into ZNS management immediately. Minnis needs to stop putting his people in jobs that they cannot manage and where they abuse their authority

This Sandra Knowles has some other little bits of skeletons at ZNS. We hearing she has a son who she hired there at ZNS (something wrong with that too) who walks around smoking Ku-shum-peng in the corridors and in his office. He is also no stranger to the police for selling drugs and getting locked up and released. 

Like Mattress Sex Warrior, Beverley Curry, he comes to work when he pleases and does what he wants. This Tubby Terror has many cases before the court but he can come to work while other young men at ZNS who went against the law are fired or suspended from carrying out their duties. What in da hell is dis!? What good for da goose is no longer good for da gander?

ZNS HR Sandra Knowles

BP is watching ZNS closely. We watching to see if Knowles is going to release Trotman’s money to Ms. Johnson. Give da people they money, Knowles, and, while ya at it, stop cutting people salary at ZNS and pay people da damn government cleared overtime. 

If Knowles don’t give this woman her money, we are going to unleash something she don’t want to get out. BP will give you a hint. Just like Tattoo from Fantasy Island, Knowles always screaming, “Da plane! Da plane!”

We report yinna decide!!