Ingraham Exploits Christie's Leadership


Christie junkanoo<<< Looka Junkanoo coming down Bay Street. Perry Christie leader of the PLP. An absolute product of psychosis.

Nassau, Bahamas — What a feeling it must be to end the year WEAKER than the way one would have begun. This air of weakness is a classic now being experienced by the leader of the Progressive Liberal Party following recent developments involving its backbench MP, Malcolm Adderley.

Today on this holiest day we have some words for him [Adderley] and the WUTLESS leader of the PLP.

Bahamas Press was made aware of Adderley’s eminent departure from the organization for some week now. We know, the SELFISH MP once had a failed law practice prior his entry into politics. You would also know Adderley flew into a safe PLP seat in 2002. Flying high on the coattail of the PLP he managed to secure a second nod by the PLP leader, against much resistance within the organization. To Christie’s peril Malcolm returned.

Today, however, members of the oldest political party are scurrying around in a failed attempt to convince Adderley not to jump ship. According to a report in the Tribune, envoys headed by PLP strongman, Philip ‘Brave’ Davis, has made every attempt conceivable to approach Adderley. But Adderley, in his slick ‘VICKED’ COWARDLY PUSSYCAT ways, has done everything to evade members of his own party.hubert-11

If Malcolm was half the man he claims to be, he would tell the press yeh or nay relative to his decision to leave the PLP. If he was an ounce of the man he appeared to be he would not have envoys of Christie all over town chasing him like cat and mouse. And if he was one quarter of the man he projects himself to be he would tell Christie appointed envoys, “Look ‘fellas’ this is the situation.”

We are appalled by the actions of Adderley, which goes to the grain of pure selfishness by someone who has not a piece of a spine near his you know what.

This entire ordeal now being experienced by the PLP is exactly what the doctor ordered when Christie was crowned leader of the Party. We warned the PLP not to return Perry Christie as leader of the Party. We confirmed to do the same would prove detrimental to the organization. They didn’t listen.

Christie is weak. He is lazy and now Hubert Ingraham is once again exploiting his leadership. While Christie cannot, indeed could not communicate with Adderley, Kenyetta Gibson and Edison Key, Ingraham proved he could. And so effectively that he would make them speak, jump and hop at his bidding. And who believes Ingraham would ever not be in touch with any member on his team? They are at his every call. They are at his every bidding. Just look back and remember how Ingraham told Larry Cartwright, “You are either fish or foul.” In no time Cartwright was wearing red and in the column for the FNM.

malcolm-adderleyChristie we warned as Gibson said is, “Arch-mediocrity, captain of all things small and petty, master of all things which are insignificant and void.” NO ENVOY of the PLP should be in pursuit of Adderley. It is the job of the leader to put him in line. However, we know with Christie as the leader, that will not happen. HE IS A FAILURE AGAIN IN THIS REGARD! WUTLESS to be blunt! It will never take place. Christie operates on Chaos and CONFUSION. Even at his own peril.

Who remembers how he recently told his Convention, he was sorry and he ‘ga’ change? He also promised to put the party into an election mode when he was returned as leader in October. ELECTION WHERE? NOT CHRISTIE!

NO, THAT LAZY WUTLESS ‘PUSSY CAT’ will never lift a paw and fire ‘SELFISH’ Malcolm Adderley. And Christie knows why.

Boy, this country needs CHANGE! MERRY CHRISTMAS!


  1. @bahngryou makin sense surely he must know he should be more vocal dis becoming the death by 1,000 cuts

  2. As for Mr. Adderley BP. Here we have the great promisser, orator of his own record. To listen to him one would think that he is absolutely God’s gift to mankind. Unforntunately, there were too many stories about his unethical dealings resulting in his failed law practice for Christie to take a chance at giving him any significant appointments. Christie gave him what should have been a great reputation saver, the Banking Reform committee, with which he did absolutely nothing. Of course he might have opened a Pandora’s Box if he tried to attack banks to whom he owed money and which had damning information on his dealings with client money. Of course this makes him ripe pickings for HAI in the same way that Cunningham, the insurance crook, and Cargill the money launderer were prime candidates for money related jobs in the Ingraham adminstration.

  3. Unfortunately BP, lazy and weak cannot explain the lack of response from Christie and others to the attacks by HAI. If a rat is cornred it will jump up to face level and attempt to cut your throat. The only explanation for a person not responding to an attack on their very integrity and credibility is that they fear factual exposure of their lack of credibility and integrity. HAI knows this well from his training at The School of The Americas and other places. He is well trained in these CIA developed black arts and uses it with great effectiveness.

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