War erupts inside the FNM…Hubert Ingraham Fired by Bay Street!


mccartneybranville<<< Former Minister of Immigration Branville McCartney and potentially front-runner for the top FNM post.

Nassau, Bahamas — Maneuvers inside the belly of the FNM confirm a power shift is imminent deep inside the governing Party of the Free National Movement. Bahamas Press can confirm the ‘UNTOUCHABLES’ Brent Symonette and Tommy Turnquest are now both taken control of Sir Cecil’s party leaving the Ingrahamites to struggle for control of the FNM.

Sources inside the FNM tell us following the outcome of the Elizabeth by-election there has been many new maneuvers taken on by a strong movement within the Party.

“We are getting ready for a ‘political bloodbath’ BP. All signs of that are imminent. You would have seen how Branville has given Hubert his walking papers and now just yesterday Carl Bethel noted strong his objection to ever returning to Ingraham’s Cabinet adding that he is a “Sir Cecil Wallace Whitfield FNM”. Those comments were telling signs and evidences of what is to come and we all know it is coming soon,” a deep throat in the FNM said.bethelcarlfnmconv09

Bahamas Press notes that its was in January 2008 when Hubert Ingraham told members of the media that he will determined if he will make a run for the next general election. He then asked the press to question him on the same two years from then. Well we all know what has happened in January 2010; two year later. Ingraham orchestrated a by-election and is now fighting for a win in the Election Court.

We are told there is a movement afoot to force Ingraham to retire before the FNM’s term in government expires; however, word is Ingraham has not made up his mind as yet. Also we understand the Ingrahamites of the party are moving ranks and have sent out a warning to all Cecilites that if they move any further to oust Ingraham as leader all hell will break loose inside the FNM.

Yesterday former editor of the Freeport News and die-hard FNM Cecilite, Oswald Brown, laid the foundations for an open attack on the Ingraham administration calling the prime minister a ‘potential little dictator’. In his scathing rebuke in an letter to Bahamas Press Brown wrote:

Ingraham sad

“…The big difference between Sir Cecil and Hubert is that Sir Cecil was an honourable man; Hubert Ingraham cannot lay claim to being the same.

It is so sad that those original FNMs who are still active in the party have allowed Hubert Ingraham to turn Sir Cecil’s dream into such a political nightmare. The FNM is now totally Hubert Ingraham’s party. What he says goes. Even now, because of fear of incurring another dose of Hubert oswald-brown-copy.jpgIngraham’s wrath, Carl Bethel will not admit that he was humiliated and fired on national television by this potential little dictator. Carl, more than anyone else, should realize that the voters in Elizabeth have sent a strong message that the FNM will lose the next general election badly; after all, he was the campaign manager for his party’s candidate, and no matter what the election court decides, the message is clear that the people of this county will not run the risk of having Hubert Ingraham lead The Bahamas for another five years and totally destroy the democratic way of life that we are accustomed to.”

BP contends a split in the governing Free National Movement is possible but according to our sources in the Party it is a wait and see.


  1. @ russell j yeah they watch what the great L.O. did and the likes of Mcweeney now here they come whishing to ascend to high office in a similiar fashion what is new about thi I ask? many forget the plp when first elected were a group of thirty somthings with the exception of a few…..yet these incorrigable rogues say its change who fooling who…..How could one destroy what they according to his pronouncments love(the plp)

  2. Paul was trying to do an Obama but he was just focused on the end result.. Paul failed to recognise that Obama was already an elected member!! Paul has never even launched a campaign or been a campaign manager!! He has ruined his political career… He needs to remain an activist!!

    • I will never forget the loook on Pauls face after he had lost the leader elect race.When he failed to go on podium with Mr Christie and Nottage  I knew tright then that he is an opportunist.He had the opportunity to redeem himself by campaigning with the PLP team in Lizzy but he remianed on the sidelines hopinbg that the hapless FNM would have won hands down.When this did not happen he again attacked Christie forgetting that over 1200 PLP delegates had voted for the man.Like others I called for the expulsion of Moss as he is not devoted to the PLP.Everytime you try to get these malcontents b4 a committee of the party they resign,cowards.Aint nothing happening for Moss as he needs to form his own party so he can be the Leader lolo lolo.

  3. Altec and all the others who agree with his/her view Re: the youth take-over are right, in my view. Paul Moss is essentially is on his way to being a has-been in politics; unless he steadies himself. Right now he is floundering, as young people often do, and before long he will be viewed as a party hopper; no use to any party. You see one can possess the best education and all of that but make two political affiliation moves and he/she is finished. Palu Moss joined the PLP three years ago and ran for leadership after only two years in the organization. This is democracy at it’s best. Don’t forget it wasn’t Perry Christie who deprived him of the leadership opportunit it was us delegates who voted en masse against him. We didn’t vote against him because we didn’t think he was a good young man, we voted against him because we thought him too young, untried and we were not sure of how he would fare when the going gets tough. That kind of stamina comes only from years of experience and only time in the organization can give you that. We would have been the laughting stock of the nation to put our party in the leadership hands of a novice and i am a young person saying making this statement. Paul Moss, like most young can’t wait young people will regret his decision to leave the PLP. He admits to believing in the PLP’s philophsy and not that of the FNM so why be in such a hurry? This is what happens to young people, they can’t wait their turn.

  4. China, I hear everybody talking about leading the country in the wrong direction; pray tell me, in your opinion, what is the right direction? Whta, in your view, is the way to go in our development plans. The PLP at least had a plan for eventual full development of the country and that is more than we can say, far more than what the FNM has. The PLP adopted the anchor projects on the major Islands, concept; we all may have our differing opinions about that method of developing the country but have you or all us who think like you have to offer as good solutions? We can’t only just sit there and continue to condemn both parties for not going in, what you feel is, the right direction and not offer an alternative plan yourself; any fool can do that.

  5. A family memeber just called me and said that all they need do is change the name McCartney to yours and you have the same traits wanting to be in charge on your time lolo lolo.Thinking about it I love his spirit but dont like how he wavered under pressure from those who felt he dissed PAPA.All I say to PAPA is what goes around comes around.He knows of what I speak.

  6. re mccartney: why are people so fascinated with this gentleman he made many school boy errors and is not what is on the packaging.,for instance the lecture of the detained illegal immigrants. what was the point if not grandstanding. but the most eggregious faux pax of all was talkin over the minister of immigration brent symonette. I also noted that at his minni rally in bamboo town food and drinks were on sale not refreshments free for the constituents….and the mention of his kids schooling money are to infer that Pappa is so heartless as to castrate the jr minister? is he expecting victimization? this man does not follow instructions imagine he feels staggnated what bout tommy t and zhivago who been in the trenches before him can anyone see this man for what he is an oppurtunist(I personally have nothing agianst the man but when people take me and my people for fools i take exception) he stab hubert in the face imagine after pappa lead them out the desert nah what he come to claim what he did not work for? when it was done to christie it was wrong and here again it is wrong. there is a time and place for everything. As for Mr moss leader with no seat hahaha fanciful thinking

  7. Just last week I called for Paul to be EXPELLED from the PLP and this week he resigned.. Well, all I gat to say is this is the best news that I have heard in a long time next to Omar quitting… Where ever these guys go, they will cause trouble.. I hope that they are never allowed back into the PLP!! Paul, like Omar realized that they will not get a nomination in the PLP so they moved on… GOOD!!! Good luck to both of them in their search for attention because neither major party are interested in their political styles… God is still alive…. Maybe they will try to take over the NDP!!

  8. Why not just become a jurisdiction of China and forget about all of this election foolishness. It’s only causing division anyway. I mean we can all eat fried rice for the rest of our lives and their would really be no more land disputes and we would finally get to diversify our economy and become the agricultural giant we think we are… ” GEE”

  9. What, pray tell, are the requisite traits of being a good PM in your head, Truth? McCartney does not even seem to understand our system of government. Dunce?

  10. Russell your right Bran needs training he has the traits to be a good PM he just needs the experience. And Altec well i guess so its your opion but I feel if you dont meet the criteria for a specific job then NEXT. Paul Moss is a OPPORTUNIST.

  11. Truth, there are 4 plumb cabinet post; tourism, national security, AG and education. All the other cabinet posts are secondary.

    Branville went from tourism to immigration. Are you telling me that the minister/jr minister of immigration carries the same weight as minister/jr minister of tourism? Hell no!

    The more i think about it the more i am beginning to wonder if Branville saw that he was about to be moved again and just quit before he got fired?

    On another note, i was listening to Steve Mckiney’s show for a few minutes and find it puzzling that he seems to suggest that Paul Moss resigning from the PLP is a big deal.

    Paul Moss woke up one day and said to himself that he wants to be leader of the PLP. He came in one day and ran for leader the next day. On the third day he left, lol. Paul’s actions will only serve to prove what people was saying about him from the get go, opportunist.

  12. Altec your right But I wouldn’t consider being removed as Minister of Tourism to Immigration a demoted. I think it was a WRONG decision to put Branville there as Minister of Tourism in the first place. Government need more BUSINESS ORIENTATED PEOPLE. They need INNOVATORS and that’s the problem I’m having with this government and the past. But as far as Laing, Symonette, Tommy, Dion and Carl they gatta GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Though educated I find that most young persons need experience b4 they can show their true mettle.Too many persons are using the election of Barak Obama to seriously believe they can just hop in a top job and excel.Paul Moss is a case in point as he has decided to resign from the PLP after only 3 yrs as a member.He never voted PLP in his life but wanted to be its Leader and is mad that his overtures were rejected.PAPA is a leader who will destroy all of his opponents but of course he faces a  2012  interview.  

  13. Why is the story similar to the Moss fella who is the President of Torchbearers??? BP claim they wanted him out base on these so call RELIABLE SOURCES… and reports was that he would of been gone,but the young chap still is the President and gained double the support..I think PAPA will be the leader still IF he decides to run again..cause if you look around the country infrastructure is improving so that we can be ready for the economy fully bounce back..now that’s vision!!! Unlike the PLP who rather wait til couple months before elections..P.S AL support the P.M (current) if decide to give it another shot

  14. Tink we fool, i agree with you 100%. This desire that some in the FNM and PLP have to see youth in leadership position is foolish.

    Paul Moss learned the hard way that you cant come creasing up in established political parties and expect the world to be handed to you on a gold plate just because your young.

    You want to lead any of the two big parties, you have to have a track record in your own party and be a well known quantity nationally.  No one knows who Paul Moss and Branville McCartney were when they jumped on the political scene and i would dare say that many people still dont know much about them.

    No one was saying Branville was leadership material when he was Jr Minister for Tourism and Aviation. He was never heard of. As a matter of fact when HAI fired/reshuffled his cabinet, he removed the then Min of Tourism (Neko Grant) and his junior Minister, guess who, Branville McCartney.

    Looks like HAI didnt think Branville was cutting it in tourism.

    How i see it, to be moved from tourism and sent over to Immigration is a demotion. And why doesnt Branville get mentioned as being apart of the worst Tourism team in Bahamian history is quite ironic. Under Neko and Branville’s leadership, tourism was bland and had no direction.

    I am on the record already as saying that Branville will not be leader of the FNM when HAI steps down and i believe that wholeheartedly. Tommy is the leader in waiting by default.

    Everytime i hear people talking about Paul Moss or Branville as being leadership material, i always ask them how they came to that conclusion? What have they seen Branville or Paul do that has cause them to come to the conclusion that they are Prime Minister material? And shockingly, they cant give me an answer other than they are young.

    Fact is, Branville, Laing, Symonette, Tommy, Dieon and Carl are all still sucking on the tit of HAI.

    Fact is, HAI did what no other FNM did, won a general election 3x’s and on those accomplishments alone HAI has the  influence to choose his successor like Pindling did and guess what, its not Branville.

    • I get your point where Paul Moss is concerned, but I don’t think it is fair to put him and Bran in the same boat. Where as Paul does not have a proven track record yet. I know Ingraham will not pick him as his replacement, but I feel that Bran has demonstrated that he has what it takes to be consider as a future Prime Minister. Given the situation with people undermining his decisions and doing things unbeknown to him, I felt that he performed exceptional in the Department of Immigration. You remember, it was Bran who tried to clean up all the corruption that was going on in that Department right? Also, I think Bran’s latest move prove that he is not interested in being a member of Ingraham’s Yes-man club. He is determine to show us that he has a mind of his own. He has a good reputation within his constituency. People in general seems as if they respect him and are able to relate to him. You don’t hear his man mixed up in no scandals and foolishness.  He know how to keep his family together and his wife seems to be very supportive of him. From what I could see, he seems to be a pretty decent guys who love his country and has good intention where we are concerned, that’s more than I could say for Tommy, Brent and Zhivargo. I rather see him sitting in that office than anyone of those three names, I just called. What more does this man has to do to prove himself?

      • Kim, i disagree with you regarding Branvile. He and Moss are in the same boat. They both want the same thing and they both are undeserving. Dont forget, Branville is a Junior Minister. That means he role is to carry out the wishes of the Senior Minister. Branville has no authority to act unless instruceted to by the senior minister, Brent Symonette, or the PM. This fact is what many dont realize. Branville isnt doing his own thing, he is following instructions. So the praised being lavashied on him is misplaced, it belongs to the one giving him the instructions. What has Branville really done? What has he really accomplished? Nothing! As Junior Minister he isnt in a position to dictate. As Junior Minister, he is basically a glorified goofer.

        • I understand what you are saying about him being a junior minister and his duties being to carry out the instructions of the Senior Minister or PM, but I still feel Bran had a lot of influence on how that Department was being ran. I am not saying Brent or the PM didn’t come up with anything, but I feel that Bran brought a lot to the table. People don’t realize that often times it is the junior persons who are doing all the work. I have been there where I worked within a department and most of the ideas were mines. I had to sit back and watch as my superior carry home the big pay cheque and take all the credit for them for my ideas. To tell you the truth, I felt stagnated just like Bran, so I decided it was time to move on. It wasn’t long before they realize it was me coming up with those ideas and wanted me back, but I told them it was too late. Bran is not there now, we will see how that department will manage without him. Another thing, you could see Bran, Brent and Hubert were not on the same page after their interview with Candia Dames. I am glad Candia caught them on the spot, because you would have never have believed that. Let me ask you a question, When Ingraham started getting involved in Immigration and wasn’t discussing nothing with no one and was coming up with these off the wall decisions after the earthquake in Haiti were you impressed with how the department was being ran?

  15. To be honest, I supported Mr. Ingraham and The FNM in 2007 and I feel that their performance is very mediocre and could be much better. I’m highly disappointed with NUMEROUS MINISTRIES. I think that Hubert Ingraham must be much smarter and to not make the same MISTAKE SIR. LYDEN PINDLING DID. When its your time to go its your time! The Free National Movement is going to loose the General Elections if Tommy Turnquest gets leader. If Brent gets leader its going to be very close but ultimately THE PLP will win. Im afraid of the DIRECTION our country is going in I refuse to support Perry Christie and Hubert Ingraham its TIME FOR THEM TO GET IT STEPPING!

    • Whoever succeeds Christie or PAPA must show that they have the balls to make tough choices and believe in their agendas.In the case of the PLP BRAVE has the inside track as he believed that the PLP could win LIZZY and has done all in his power to secure the victory.A man with a track record who the FNM Govt.has seen fit to attack at all course.He right now is the PLPs champion whenever Mr Christie retires.I dont give a heck who the FNM choose as its PLP time baby.

  16. pappa dont take no back chat simple as that. plot all they like plan all they want this king has been crowned and will demit office when he sees fit if the people dont do it before. Mr Macartney has made a throw of the dye the other dye is not in his possesion Mr turnquest has beeen disposesed and Mr Symonette has an unfullfilled legacy….In the two parties there seems to be an urge to elect untried  untested leadership all based around the slogan of youth and change……this is lunacy much is at stake the bahamas needs a government that does much talks little but keeps the people informed.we dont need no grandstanding and cloack and dagger 19th century politics pappa knows his time is nye and he will surely make his legacy at this time any talk to the contrary is speculative nonsense

  17. Brent and Tommy Cecilites?This is interesting as PAPA is fighting for his political career especially after the Lizzy debacle.Everyone now knows PAPA just does not have it to win another Election.This sis Brents only chance at becoming PM and he better run for it now as the signs are clear for a complete wipeout at the polls come the General Elections.PAPA wants to hold on but the call for change in the FNM are getting louder.Knowing PAPA he will not give in but would have to be run out of offfice by his party as they did in 2002.

  18. If you ask me…all parties suck and whoever you choose will again lead the Bahamas in the wrong direction…thes politicians need to get it together because all they want is your vote and after that, they don’t give a rat’s ass about you especially Tommy Turnquest and Brent Symonette!!!

  19. Ohhhhh we have a leader Mike but to announce him now would be premature.

    Bahamas Press/Editor

  20. So we have a split FNM and a week pussy cat led PLP…….. according to you BP can anyone lead our country?

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