Hubert Ingraham embarrassed at Toronto meeting with Bahamian Students


FNM leader and PM Hubert Ingraham.

Toronto, Canada

– A group of eager Bahamian voters working and studying in Canada are all set to vote the FNM government out of power whenever the next general elections are call.

On a mission to Canada last month, the Bahamian delegation headed by Papa decided to pay a visit on a group of young Bahamian students living there. The PM made his presentation and then came the Q&A session.

First up was a young Bahamian lady who has serious concerns with the gripping crime problem facing the country. The avid reader of Bahamas Press ask the PM, “Considering crime as the number one vexing problem facing the nation, Prime Minister can you tell us, ‘what are you going to do about the crime problem in the Bahamas’?”.

The PM in doubt not expecting the question from the young voter snapped, “What are you going to do about it?” and quickly ended the question and answer session.

Is not the PM aware that an educated, young base voting do not toil with foolish, silly and shameful pronouncements; especially such responses coming from a head of state? Is he aware that thousands of university students all over the world are locked on Bahamas Press, reading the news and the happenings around the country? They are able to make informed conclusions.

 BP is presently the leading news wire online reporting data to the wider world from the Bahamas.

At the reception following, the PM decided to use his intimidation methods as he leaned over to the young woman and said, “I don’t like your attitude.”

Somehow forgetting he was not in the ‘lil’ children classroom [THE CABINET] where such attacks go by the minute, the young girl poetically replied, “…And I don’t like your attitude either.”

Shocked to his wits the PM grew a knot in his head as he raised his eyes wide open, whispering to his group, “Let’s get ‘outta’ here, these ‘churrin’ talking fool around my head.”

The CUT_YINNER_KNOW_WHAT is COMING FOR THE FNM, and it is now gathering at universities all over the world.



  1. @storm

    I absolutely love your comments; you summed it up wonderfully.

    It is sad though that people like Maria still believe that good governance means that adults should be CONTROLLED and not inspired to do what is right. That people who were elected, who are supposed to have brains OF THEIR OWN, should always believe and think the way the so called leader thinks and follow along like ROBOTS.

    This is soooo sad. Maria we young people believe in leadership through the motivation to do the right thing always, no matter what, and not being dictated to from a pitbull.

    Down to all dictatorships, young people we must rise. WE NEED CHANGE!!

  2. @ Marina

    For God sake top it!!! You should have more dignity than to justify the outlandish behavior of one Hubert Alexander Ingraham.

    You represent a dying breed who can’t vanish from the political scene soon enough. Bahamians who would rather apologize for “nonsense” than face the “gut wrenching” FACT that Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie are serving beyond their ideal time in politics (no ideas, no solution, essentially clueless beyond creating hotel jobs for us to turn beds and serve drinks at poolside). WE WILL OUT LIVE YOU BECAUSE OF OUR YOUTH AND OUT VOTE YOU WITH OUR NUMBERS. We will get rid of both of them since you do not have the fortitude to do what is best for the future of this country. AMEN.

  3. It is a crying shame how all of you are quick to jump to conclusion about the government and the PM, when you have no hard core proof of anything. It is just typical of all Bahamian people to listen to hear say and then debate as if they have first hand knowledge. You’ll need to do your research and read for yourselves. Do not let people feed you garbage. Furthermore, I know that it is sad, but The PM has more so called guts than anyone in the PLP. Who would you rather have for a leader, someone that is spineless (which, Christie has proven during his short-lived term as PM) or someone who has back-bone and actually makes decisions like a leader should. We are never going to all agree on decisions that are made for the country, but once the decisions are for the betterment of the country and the future of our children – then what the heck!! Just face reality and welcome the change in leadership. Yes, I agree the PM can be rude at times, and at sometimes acts like a dictator, but I now understand why he does. We have too many Spineless Men in leadership positions that are afraid to do the right thing or to speak-up!! Listen man, if you want to do the right thing – then do what’s best for this country and move Forward, not BACKWARDS!!! (voting for PLP is moving backwards!) Why vote for a man who has clearly proven that he is incapable of running this country and controlling is own fellow members – in particular (fast talking, good looking, do not care about authority – Mr. Fred Mitchell.) Please wake-up Bahamas and think about what we need, and not what we could of had!!!!

    • @Marina
      Wow Marina you are gullible and naive(I really wanted to use more insulting wotds but I agree with some of your points)for trying to overlook Papas biggest flaws and at the same time try to convince us that he still should get an A.Send a copy of your posting to the spineless FNM MPs who ran for cover when the rude dictator your words told them it was his way or the highway.In these hard economic times many Bahamians are dreaming of what they could have had.If I was to guess correctly you have been coerced to present this diatribe which fully supports what Bran McCartney and many others have said about Papa.Despite my criticism of you I believe persons in opposition to the FNM will make copies of your contribution and use it against your party.Tell your handlers you have failed and am certain the students throughout the Bahamas and Canada will dissect what you have said and discern the many figures of speech you have given us lolo lolo.

  4. I was not going to respond to this, but this has gone too far. No such incident took place with the PM in Toronto. There was not even a question and answer session. The PM intermingled with the crowd, Bahamians and students and seemed very pleased with his reception.I repeat NO SUCH INCIDENT TOOK PLACE at any of the 4 receptions he attended in Calgary or Toronto.

  5. I posted a comment from 10:29 am 17/4/11 and it is still outstanding and shows as being moderated.If URCA is finding time to monitor me then I cry shame as the prevalence of Crime must be the order of the day.The views of the majority must be respected and no Govt agency has the rights to try and enact legislation that is ultra vires the Constitution.

  6. BP I know you never lie or play around but still I think, you serious?! This “thing” can not look more stupid!!!! What a moron!!! He seems to be highly insecure and clams up quick when asked a question he is being PAID to have the answer too. Like an unbalanced dog, he lashes, snarls, and bites when he is angry. Black Hitler think he can get away with the foolishness he spouts here, to the brain dead masses, but the educated ones don’t play! We are no way like Bahamians! We ask questions, they want to know how you will improve life, and if you can’t do nothin then out on your a** you will go! This is how it is in America, Canada, 1st world countries. He has embarassed himself beyond belief. He has shown himself to be stupid, lost, ghetto, angry, and completely ineffective and barren of ideas. I applaud the young lady over and over! Bravo!

  7. @ Thionk Bahamas & DEREK NEWRY

    You guys are stupid to the max. We have the infrequent opportunity to hear from YOUNG Bahamians who are being EDUCATED and EXPOSED, undoubtedly to assume leadership roles and to lend their skills to the further development of this country upon their return, but all you “idiots” can do as responses to their well thought through criticism of the politics, social and economic conditions that prevails is to suggest that they engage in the “man worship” of Hubert ingraham, like yourselves.

    And we wonder why many have formed the opinion that this country is undergoing a BRAIN DRAIN. WELL, ITS BECAUSE PEOPLE LIKE YOU ARE LEFT BEHIND!!!

  8. Its amazing that the spin doctors of the FNM have not come on site yet to give some explaination as to why the PM acted boorish and as usual high handed.I am going to rent google earth so that I might know where road work is being carried out in Nassau.I advise the students in Canada to let your friends in the Bahamas know what happened at the meeting in Canada.Hopefully someone there taped the encounter so that we back here in the Bahamas can view.Never give up your independence students as it is all you have.

  9. Kudos to the young lady for putting the PM in his place.

    However I must stress that this man has no damn shame or care for any of us. He does does not care if you vote for him or not; he already had his time to do his damage and get rich.His pockets are fat regardless. This man is heartless, and does not care if the other members in his party get elected. I dont even think they care; their pockets are fat for life with the pensions.

    We are the fools and they are laughing at us every day, because we allow this to happen, by only speaking ONCE EVERY FIVE YEARS AFTER THE DAMAGE IS DONE AND THEIR POCKETS ARE FAT.
    Any member who treats its people the way they do and get to still live comfortably in the most blessed country in the world has would have won because we allow them too.

    Only God can give us any true solice as far as Ingraham is concerned.Only He can make Ingraham feel any remorse, because right now Ingraham believes HE IS GOD!!!

  10. I am also a student residing in Canada. I am simply disgusted by the PM and his party. His lack of intelligence and respect for others is appalling. I pray that we as a nation would join hands in voting this government out.

    The actions of the current PM depicts a clear picture of how he treats those who challenge him. It is evident within the ranks of the FNM, and it is sad that the Bahamas has come to this – a one man government!

    Wake up people before it is too late!!

    • Lisa they think we made this up. Somehow they have paid spin doctors on bp 24 hours. They have no damn shame, how could a delegation return from a foreign mission where reporters went and not one report or press conference is given on the achievement of that trip? We find that incredible.


      • Exactly, it puzzles me that this trip was not a bit more publicized than the trips to the Bahamas family islands given that he was visiting foreign soil.

        Clearly, the PM has no intentions of addressing this crime problem. Or maybe, he is under that same cloud with Tommy Turnquest, who claims that there is no crime problem. Please lets vote for change in the upcoming elections. We need a more caring and sensitive government who values the opinions of common-folk.

        Perhaps, the PM really did want to know how the university student would address the crime problem because he honestly has no clue!!

        My fellow bahamians, I urge you to really think about the future of our country when marking your X in the next general elections.

    • It is amazing Ms Lisa, you speak so I’ll of the Leader of our nation. My suggestion is to first do your home work before criticizing someones intelligence. BP can tell you Ingraham is no slouch when it comes to doing his home work. Trust me I may not agree with his politics but one thing I would never do is speak I’ll of his intelligence. I hope my advice to you encourage you to use your new profound knowledge to express your opinion on subject matter rather than belittling a mans character, of whom I am sure you don’t even know. Respect others and you will find in life your view point will stand without reproach. Think Bahamas

      • @Think Bahamas.

        Whoever you are, why don’t you lend some of that advice to the PM or should I say HAI. The man shows little or no respect when he speaks to his fellow Bahamians or anybody else for that matter. While I don’t advocate disrespect for the Office of the PM, HAI deserve a constant dose of his own medicine!!!

  11. Maybe his advisors did not give him any talking points on the crime situation in the country or he just does not realize that crime is a problem here. Looks like his only way to deal with a tough question is to close up shop. Papa, you could run, but you can’t hide. You will have to answer one day.

    • Oh reportcard day by the Bahamian people is coming they could stench all they like, the clock is ticking and time is running out.


  12. I too am a Bahamian student abroad. This is not the first time I’ve heard of Prime Minister Ingraham’s rudeness and negative attitude toward the Bahamian people. I wish I had been there, I would’ve had a few more words for him. Please Bahamas, do not vote this man back into power! These three terms have gotten into his head and inflated his ego–he does not need another. He truly lacks humility and that is something ALL good leaders need in order to be blessed by God. He has the attitude of a dictator.

  13. I continue to ask the PM to address the CRIME problem and despite his many cowardly supporters who come here with lame diatribe mum has been the word.I applaud the young lady and any other Bahamian who recognise that the present Govt refuses or just dont know what to do about our appalling CRIME situation.The ostrich is exposed and its time for action by stakeholders in our country.The FNM manifesto is a lie and should not ever,ever again be accepted by right thinking persons.Lastly if the PM was aware of group thinking then he would understand and have invited feedback from his audience to tackle the CRIME problem.No man is an Island.

    • Hi Russell, I was thinking the same thing. What’s the purpose of them going with him and if they are not going to be of any assistance to him? If he couldn’t answer the question, he should have asked one of his cabinet members to tackle it.Unless, they only when with him for the food and the drinks.

  14. Even the blind can see that these are the guys who are in power NOW so their answer OBVIOUSLY would be “if the truth can be told” that we would do what we are doing now…”Letting crime escalate” DUH Lets bring back 1967 where Bahamians began a revolution and took the future away from hypocrites make a right choice “not the other party either” give someone else the chance to MUCK things up

    • I agree even a blind person could OBVIOUSLY see that the FNM are in power, but you have to admit Papa been acting kind of strange lately. He even voted no on the sale of BTC, when it was his idea to sell it. I don’t know what’s going on with him. Maybe, he is drinking more heavier than usually, something is definitely going on. The young lady asked him what most would consider a fair question, instead of him answering the question, he redirect it to the young lady; who were searching for answers herself, I believe he may have gotten a little confused and forgotten what was the purpose of his visit with the students. If he wasn’t confused he could of easily said, “we are doing our best; we have a very capable police force who works diligently to remove the criminal element from our streets“. It may not have addressed the young lady question completely, but it would have been better than the response he gave her. That why I am convince something OBVIOUSLY is going on with papa.

  15. Ok, its pretty obvious that Papa was still dizzy from his plane ride over to Toronto and don’t let them miss and had a couple of alcohol beverage in the limos for Papa and his crew, you know it‘s all over before they even reached those students. Who the hell he been with him on this trip, anyway? If Mr. Pillsbury was there, you don’t even have to ask what happened, that crew love to party and get wasted, they live for these trips. Now I understand fully why he was confused and was thinking the young lady was the Prime Minister of the Bahamas and she should be addressing that question, instead of expecting him to answer it. No wonder why, he thought the young lady was rude, you can blame him for that; the man was totally out of it.

    • You notice that CUT_YOU_KNOW_WHAT by that student was sooo vicious the PM didn’t want to update the press when he returned?

      Boy I tell ya, the young people could put it on ya.


  16. Boy BP, I am an overseas student in the UK and I log into your website at least 5 times a day! I appreciate the way that you disclose the REAL issues of our country today and the leaps and bounds you take to expose all the foolishness that this current government is doing.

    I can’t wait to get home so I could vote these suckers out!!!

  17. Bp if its true then that’s good for the PM. Ask him to visit Halifax on his next Canadian visit and I guarantee the treatment will be the same or worse. Mr. Hubert”don’t know how to talk to ppl” Ingraham.

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