Hubert Ingraham was leading the PLP Gold Rush of the ‘80’s


PM Hubert Ingraham

Hubert Ingraham’s memory is fading fast – He was once Chairman of that same GOLD RUSHIN PLP and was apart of the PLP in its “Corrupt” heydays

Hubert Ingraham and Charles “Dud” Maynard have no right to speak about corruption in the PLP and what they call the Gold Rush of the 1980’s.

Hubert Ingraham served as National Chairman of the PLP personally recruited by Andrew “Dud” Maynard to guide the party through the stormy aftermath of the period Ingraham calls “the sad period in our country.”

The Commission Of Inquiry in 1984 established that Andrew “Dud” Maynard used his position as National Chairman of the PLP to facilitate Drug smuggling and other forms of Corruption in the PLP…and his successor Hubert Ingraham did little to clean up the mess which “DUD” attempted to institutionalize in the party.

Dud Maynard Charlie Papa

If Mr. Ingraham is looking for the corrupters of the PLP in the 70’s and 80’s’ he needs only look around him in his FNM.

Hubert Ingraham and Charles “Dud” Maynard need to be honest about their connection to the allegations of Corruption in the PLP in the 1980’s. Hubert Ingraham was always very cozy with those who were accused of corruption in the PLP…so much so that all of those who were adversely criticized by the Commission of Inquiry are all over there in the FNM with him now.

What message is Ingraham sending as he sheds crocodile tears about “the illicit drug trade which laid waste our good name and values” while embracing  and appointing the most notorious self-confessed Bahamian Drug smuggler of the 70’s and 80’s a “Justice of the Peace”.

Why did all of the corrupters of the PLP leave with Ingraham?

Charles “DUD” Maynard who was neutered on the milk of corruption and got fat on the past benefits of the facilitation of the drug trade should sit at the feet of his father, Andrew who can give him a first hand account of how corruption first came to the PLP.

Hubert Ingraham and Charles “DUD” Maynard should cease and desist immediately!