Hubert Ingraham you have NO SHAME!!!!


<<< Stafford Sands will now be placed on the $10 bill. The face of racism who left the Bahamas and never returned.

Nassau, Bahamas – Only days following the greatest day of struggle in the Bahamian history, Black Tuesday the VICKED government of Hubert Alexander Ingraham has decided to honour a pure bread racist and bigot on the $10 dollar note. Now to his credit he did deliver us the Tourism model we now operate under.

In a press statement late yesterday the reckless Mugabe led government announced plans to return Stafford Sands to the ten-dollar note in a so-called effort to honour the face of hate.

What madness! What conscience could’ve caused Ingraham to commit such a CRIME against the people of this country! How could he forcibly decide to do what is near rape to the people of this land?

Every time Bahamians now pick up a $10 they would see the face of a racist! They are reminded of the ways of a BIGOT! They would remember the man who STOLE all their land for pennies a time.

They remember a man who clung to power for decades and did all in his power to STOP, BLOCK, REVIEW and CANCEL the right of ordinary Bahamians BLACK AND WHITE! HOW COULD HUBERT DO SUCH A THING TO THE BAHAMIAN PEOPLE!

Sands possessed such disregard and naked abuse toward the people of this country that he packed his bags and carried his *&^# to Europe and died there. He never returned!

Bahamians across the length and breadth of this country MUST reject the idea of placing Sands on any currency! He is not fit to be seen as a hero to the people of this land. Bahamas Press calls for all Bahamians to rise up and protest against this WICKEDNESS!

Hubert Ingraham possesses not the conscience, the faith, the protection and the ability to lead the Bahamas if he proceeds with such an act. It is mean, mean-spirited, evil and wicked to do such!

Hubert, as you once said to Christie, we now say to you, “you have no shame!”

We need change!


  1. Within the past 3 years in office, HI said this on the issue of having gambling legalized in the Bahamas for Bahamians, “If the people want gambling to be legalized, they must make some noise. I don’t hear them”.. In other words he was saying that, we the public, must let our voices be heard if we want something to be done about certain issues in this country…

    Well, I was wondering exactly when did HI hear people openly calling for Sir. Stafford Sands to be placed once again on the $10.00 bill??????

    Can HI please tell us when did he hear those voices just for the record????

    Because according to him, if the people are not calling for it, his govt. will pay it NO mind!!!!

  2. Well at least Stafford was a Bahamian. Unlike the Jamaican that we had running the show. This fact is recorded in the British Hansard from the British House of Commons: Contribution made by a certain Lord on the debate about Bahamian Independence. Check The facts.

  3. RJ I’m just using the baromter many tell me. They say he’s UBP (so was Pops), he did he did things that promoted racism and discrimination (so did Pops). He left the Bahamas and didnt return, well this is where he and the others in the UBP differ. What is proves is what many speculate that he is a self serving, oppurtunist who left when he felt it was best to leave which I pretty much agree to.

    My thing is that many belittle and rip apart his contributions. Eg. They were teaching that Sr. Clement is the father of tourism.. Not to diminish any of Sr. Clements contributions but torism went from seasonal to year round under him. I watched a documentary and every time the Bahamas was promoted abroad by Sr. Stafford he used black Bahamians on Ed Sullivan, and all the other big time shows and networks. Sr. Arthur spoke on when he covered a meeting with Sr. Stafford, he noticed how if it were black investors he wud chummy up with them, wine and dine them like they were his best friends.

    The way i interepret from people isn’t that Stafford was a racist and Sir. Roland wasnt. Its that Stafford was just a bigger racist than Sr. Roland and never returned.

    If he was removed cuz he left when blacks came in power, thats quantifable, I can live with that. But if we kept Pops on cuz he was ‘not as racist’ was Stafford, that leaves it open to honor persons who are racists but just not as racist as others (if we use Stafford and Pops).

  4. Tired you are missing the point as old man Stafford was an open racist like former Gov.George Wallace of Alamaba USA.Yes there are both black and white racist but in the case of POP Symonette even though he was the publicly acknowledged Leader of the UBP he was more acceptable to the minority and did not flee when Majority rule came.If you can show me where the grave of Stafford Sands is in the Bahamas I would publicly withdraw my opposition to his photo being on any Bahamian note.All white Bahamians are not racist and Ryan Pinder,s election to the HOA has further narrowed the divide between blacks and whites in the Bahamas.

  5. So basically I look at it like this. If you take Stafford off, take Roland off and the Queen off. Replace them with squeaky clean Bahamians who arent racist (black or white), theives or corrupt.

  6. How much UBP persosn did the same things Stafford did and NO ONE says anything. Hell, Sir. Roland is on the 50. Dude was the UPB LEADER!!! Voted against the same bill Stafford did and…still on the 50 no one cares.

    No one has a problem doing business with or contracting all of the law firms founded and led by former UBP Cabinet Ministers.

    Then we replace him with the Queen, a non-Bahamian who represents the colonists who promoted the same racial barriers.

    Contributions by Sir Stafford
    – establishing the Bahamain dollar
    – pegging the dollar to the US
    – establishing tourism as year round
    – establishing the Bahamas as a financial center
    – promoting the Bahamas aggressively world wide as a tourist center

  7. Larry your statement about a known drug dealer is libellous.Go to Govt publications and purchase a copy of the 1984 Commission of Enquiry report so that you would discontinue your asinine attitude.Just bcos you are an apologist for the colonial powers does not mean that the majority of us must accept your theory of Bahamians being an inferior product.Only one man has stirred the racial tones of Bahamians and that is Stafford Sands who now even from the grave is mocking and laughing at us.I will not accept any money with the racist Sands photo on it.And Larry you have stirred angry feelings in me that could only be relieved by my slapping your “Uncle Tom face”.

  8. And we have a known drug dealer on the 1 dollar bill.
    ‘How did this large sum of money end up in your bank account? I don not recall sir’

    So just let the queen stay on em all.

  9. @ Krossova I agree that regardless of race persons should be hounoured however this individual is a bone of contention As a young chap I heve no first hand knowledge of the man. the only two stories that are told are tourism and his racial bias. After the decision was made not to renew his image why make such an inflamatory move. No one has a problem with sir roland or sir cecil. so no this is not about race of politics. The objection is on social grounds as the man disliked the black majority explain that? and as for the others they are like us all filled with sin like me you russell examiner so why trying to blurr the issue……..the man wanted nothing to do with us so it seems the people want nothing to do with him.. how is that racist????? Even if brent face grace the money it willl be no prob but the people remember this mans racial bias and as for tourism the model has served its time it was never and has never been good for the idigenous bahamian. yes money was made but look at the social ramifications

  10. no need for name calling Russell Johnson.

    I know how it is, I too at one time saw most things through a political prizm.

    And certainly the story could be told too, of those persons whose portrait graces our other bank notes.
    But what good would that do. They are there because they deserve to be there.
    despite their mis- steps at certain periods of their lives.
    it is important to point out, that their contributions to this country, is what is being honored.thus the case for Sir Stafford.

    Now, whether you chose to accept or make use of a note bearing the image of Sir Stafford is totally your choice.

    you may want to further your protest, considering, tourism is our number one industry and that this man was the father of tourism in the Bahamas.

    just a thought, ya know.

  11. Krossova you are a big idiot who wants those of us who knew to accept a racist on our money once again.I know one thing I refuse to accept any money with this mans face on it and will enciurage many others to do likewise.To PAPA I cry shame on you as in the late 70s you said,”never again must we allow the UBP to return to prominence in this country”.Just a reminder PAPA so collect your balls and do the right thing.And to you Perry Christie expound on your statement during the 2007 Gen Elect campaign,”No turning back”.Children of the 50s and 60s are getting restless as they see reversals of the many gains our forefathers fought so valiantly for.

  12. Hubert has no shame. He has to pay back his White Masters. He is a house Nigga. He has no shame.

  13. YOU, media, are in the minority on this issue.
    this son of the soli had his faults, no doubt. but Sir Stafford Sands, thr true father of tourism in this country, made his contributions, one of which you casually mentioned.

    with the exception of Sir Milo, every other local person whose portrait is on our currency has his own faults.

    I believe deep in my heart, that a good number of us, black bahamians, are ourselves racist and bigoted. the very same thing we hold against our white bahamian brothers and sisters.

    I say to us all, lets stop this SHIT. the days for those kind of crap is looooong gone.

    I hang my head in shame for you and articles like this.

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