Hubert Minnis and Earl Deveaux deserve praise



Killarney’s Member of Parliament, Hon. Dr. Hubert A. Minnis would like to extend a special thanks to the residents of The Grove, Highland Park and surrounding areas, as well as persons that traverse the west for bearing with the inconvenience of the improvement project to Saunders Beach over the past months.

This photo of the beach, taken on Sunday June 27th shows that the earlier movement of sand was simply a result of tidal flow that occurred not only in the Bahamas but throughout the world. Saunders Beach is now returned to normal!

Killarney is awaiting further completion of the area improvement for our family beach day.

Upon completion, Saunders beach will be one of the most beautiful and organized beaches in Nassau!

Saunders Beach will be only one success story of the many ongoing projects, including The Port Project.  For years, Nassau’s port was owned by a limited number of individuals.   However, thanks to a government with foresight, for the first time in history of this country every citizen of this country will have an opportunity to own a part of The Port.

The plan for the port is that 40% will be owned by government, 40% by the private sector and another 20% by the general public.

Policies must be put in place to ensure that the 20% to be owned by the general public will not be compromised in any way to allow persons in the private sector ownership to monopolize on this venture. The same should apply in the future as government disposes of its 40% ownership. This would truly be in keeping with government’s belief that wealth should be spread among all, and not monopolized by a few.

The Port and other projects like Saunders Beach are projects initiated and carried out by a caring FNM Government, of which we can all be proud!


  1. Eagle trust me, I know the back of my hands very well. I am a woman who is be into my body and if there is any changes I would notice it. It is the same thing with Saunders Beach, I notice the changes. The beach within itself is not the same, some parts are very rocky. Like I said before, I don’t know if to buy into that beach erosion excuse they are giving us, but I am hoping it is the truth, because I love that beach and it would be a shame if we can’t enjoy it the way we use to. I know some people getting carried away with the trees they planned and the roundabout they put out there, but I am different. I don’t believe in falling for things easily, I prefer to look at the whole picture from all aspect.

  2. Congested and too tight, the road and round about are. I have never seen a pedestrian crossing on a curve in the throat of a round about 100 feet from the circle, with a concrete obstacle island leaving pedestrians like bowling pins in the sea of cross traffic, waiting for death or serious injury. I agree with the Health Minister for Killarney, when he said they will be having a Political Party Celebration at the blockaded Saunders Beach, by his FNM Trust Government, there is only enough parking for 40 cars maximum amidst all the concrete obstacles placed by a Government with quests of total control of the free movement of Bahamians. My question is where are the thousands of beach goers are going to park their vehicles when every thing is choked up with ugly concrete barriers?

  3. @ Kim Sands. This begs the question, how well do you know the back of your hands? As a boy, I grew up on Saunders Beach. I Spent practically everyday in the summer there. The rocks always appeared and disappeared with the seasons. The contours of the sands changed continually from summer to summer, never exactly the way it was the previous year. Look, I’m no expert on the environment and coastal erosion, but believe me, there is nothing odd going on at Saunders Beach. Embrace the change. In the end, it will be a very enjoyable beach for everyone.

  4. Awakened no no Bahamians complain too much its annoying. And I strongly disagree anything what the FNM whether good or bad the PLP find something to complain. I mean EVERYTHING WHAT HAPPENED AFTER MAY 2ND, 2007. I mean changing of the new road that was a big fuss but the project haven’t finish to test if their will be traffic congestion and OH BOY Laura and co made noise about that. Its really sickening and though I’m fully for some things the PLP complained about but some are just not CALLED FOR AT ALL. My problem I’m having with MOST PLP supporters is they dont put aside their animosity and just complain about everything instead of HAVING THE BEST INTEREST FOR THE BAHAMAS. YES THE FNM has done foolishness, YES You MIGHT NOT LIKE THE FNM OR THEIR LEADERSHIP STYLE but try to put RIGHT where its due.

  5. Kim I agree with you. @wtf yes you are right. I remember the way the PLP carried on about Goodman’s Bay and look at it now. Pass by day or night and people are thee enjoying the beach and the park. We don’t like change and sometimes governments do poor job in explaining it to us.

  6. Again “Oceanman”, “Killarney Voices” wrote and submitted this story not BP, like Oswald Brown and other writers put their opinions to letter, you can do the same,……. and “Truth” and “WTF”, every Bahamian has a right to voice their opinion, when the PLP was in Bahamians complained, and now that the FNM is the government, they will continue to complain, so let the voices ring out, thank God for Democracy.

  7. From an appearance stand point Saunders Beach got a good facelift, so I am willing to give the government credit for beautifying that area, but as a person who frequented and enjoyed spending time on Saunders Beach and know that beach like the way I know the back of my hands, I still feel as if all the sand hasn’t come back to some portion of the beach. Some parts are very rocky. I don’t know if all the dredging they did is what caused the sand to go away or if to buying into to that beach erosion explanation, but I hope eventually everything would return back to normal and this would not have any serious impact on our country from an environmental stand point.

  8. Ianb you sound nice and stupid complaining and asking questions are two different things. Eagle and Truth making sense. The PLP’s just want something to make noise about

  9. We have finally come to our senses. The Saunders Beach project was a good one from the start. We just like to resist change, and the inconvenience during transition fuels our anxiety. If Cool PC were in power, he would have crumbled under the pressure of criticism. Thank goodness we have a focused government that is determined to improve the lives of Bahamians no matter what.

  10. Are you shizophrenic BP? A few hours ago you
    wrote a hard ball story on that nasty fish fry.
    Now you are praising the Health and Environment
    Ministers. Make up your mind.
    By the way what happened to that post?

  11. Typical apologist, we the tax payers have a right to question how are tax paying dollars are being spent in our name. The question that was asked was why are they cutting down the trees?. the answers were the trees are evasive. If that’s the official policy by our government, I would like to see all casuarinas’ trees moved and eradicated from the Bahamas. But we know this is not true, so stop bashing the people for complaining, when you have a government that looks down on its people and the news media that is too afraid to do their job, thank goodness for .

  12. Bahamians complain too much….They made noise about SAUNDERS BEACH FOR MONTHS. BUT WHEN THEY WAS IN POWER WHAT DID THEY DO?… The economy was booming but what did they do?…. I’m no fan of THE FNM but I do respect SOME… SOME things they are doing. Saunders Beach is one and also the new ONE WAY road. BUT BAHAMIANS COMPLAIN TOO MUCH TOOOOOO MUCH I mean every where you go there’s a bunch of Laura’s who talking this talking that but cant see the light in their own PARTY. WE NEED CHANGE FNM DOING FOOLISHNESS PLP DID IT WHILES IN OFFICE THATS WHY THEY GOT KICKED OUT and THE FNM doing a lil thing here and there but still its not good enough so they will be kicked out in 2012. I HAD ENOUGH OF THIS COMPLAINING and BLAMING GOVERNMENT FIASCO. PLP’s GROW UP!… FNM’s HUMBLE UP!….. UNITY and TRANSFORMATION IS A MUST!

  13. Sexy T, this was written by KILLARNEY VOICES, not BP, I think BP is trying to show us all, that they allow all voices to speak if they have something to say, even if someone wants to shove their tongue so far up the FNM’s…….you know!, these guys are desperate for something, they see it all spiraling out of control, ………where is our leaders, all the crap going on and no one is saying anything, the country is on cruise control, where is steady hands at?.

  14. WOW………..WOW and SPEECHLESS!!!!!!!!!! BP, after all the times you take this government too task for Saunders Beach now you want to come back and claim that they have foresight. You are FULL OF IT!!!!!!!!!

  15. I just know that you are joking with that last sentence!! Caring FNM government???? You better stop playing!!

    They care about building buildings and roads.. They are not interested in building people!! I don’t really know why the 2 ministers deserve praise for doing their job but if you say so….

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