Hubert Minnis and his merry band of misfits continue to be the gift that keeps on giving


Dear Editor,

It has been a minute since my last letter. Sorry for the absence.  
This is just a short note on something I feel the Bahamas needs to be reminded of.  So… let’s take a minute and review. 

I have been beating up on the Prime Minister quite a bit.  Just for good measure…as a government Dr. Minnis and his merry band of misfits continue to be the gift that keeps on giving.  Incompetence this bad really cannot be categorized, bought or imagined, no matter how creative you are.  

Just so we are clear, they (FNM) have borrowed 140 million dollars between the World Bank and the IDB.  That’s before they even pass the new national budget, where they intend to borrow another 1 billion dollars.  By the way, where did the other $250 million from the IMF go?  For those of you keeping track, that’s $1.4 billion in the first half of 2021.  

Folks, these dudes have increased the national debt by more than 400% and have absolutely nothing to show for it but more promises, gifts, and giveaways for the rich and well-connected.  I hope all of you are paying attention!

This brings me to my next topic.  I see the folks from Bahamas Evolution popping up everywhere and I realize one thing:  To be a catalyst for change, you must understand a few things, the most important being how our system of government works and how laws are made.  

I fear for our nation if these folks get elected because screaming at people and promising the world does not deliver real results.  For the record, they are an even bigger danger than if the current idiots, Minnis and the Furious Flames, get re-elected.  

I don’t know how the country could owe billions, be bound by agreements, international commitments, and treaties, lack the power to renegotiate anything, but still these guys promise to give everyone $100,000 and pay off the debt. That’s an even bigger fairy tale than the, “in our next term we will take care of the poor,” you know, that guy.  

We have seen what happens when we give the new guy a shot, it wasn’t like we weren’t warned; Loretta was very clear in her assessment. Minnis is reckless, a loose cannon, a dictator, ill-prepared, lacks vision, eager to please.  Just checking, did I miss anything? 

The nation sits on a knife’s edge and we need competence and clear-headed leadership and only one party offers that: Brave Davis and the PLP.  Only the PLP has a team that can walk into every Ministry and knows where the paper clips are kept.  Brave Davis is a man who knows how the levers of government should work, he understands how to craft and pass laws that help all of the people, especially the ones that need it the most.  

As a leader, he knows how the right partnerships can grow the economy, not just from the top down, or the middle out, but from the bottom up.  As a team, it is the PLP that provides competence, compassion, and consistency with a heart for all Bahamians.  

Folks, the general election is upon us and we need to elect Brave Davis and his PLP because it has always been PLP that has delivered for the Bahamian people when we needed it most.  This moment calls us to vote, and vote PLP!

Sincerely yours,
Freedom of Speech