Human blood drips down a shallow drain as a man is shot to the head minutes ago…


Gunshots awake the Palm Beach and Robinson Road community as man with street name “YOGI” comes under fire

Nassau, Bahamas — Breaking News happening RIGHT NOW!

The blood-war continues into the morning hours as BP teams in the area of Robinson Road and Palm Beach Street are at this hour recording another serious shooting.

BP’s night patrols were just in the area as scores of persons were seen celebrating on the weekend.

Gunfire rung-out just minutes ago and from what we can report a man has been shot to the head. Blood is running down the street into the drains and loud weeping and wailing can be heard near the corner of the incident. WE ARE NOT CERTAIN OF THE MAN’s CONDITION, but it don’t look good.

A BP team member is right now on the scene along with members of the RBPF all armed with weapons. We can tell you the victim goes by the street name “YOGI”!

Today police found two dead bodies in separate incidents. Around noon a body was pulled out of the waters of Lyford Cay and before that, a man was found with gunshot wounds about the body in the South Beach area.