Hundreds fleeing Haiti escaped into the North Eleuthera community on Friday and not one Bahamian Government agency reported the incident!

The loaded Haitian vessel sunk near the harbour of Gun Point in North Eleuthera on Friday

NASSAU| It appears that only social media has real news happening in and around the Bahamas these days as another Haitian vessel has illegally landed in the country near Gun Point in North Eleuthera.

According to BP’s real intel, a 50ft wooden Haitian sloop loaded with illegal migrants and tons of debris managed successfully to sailed its way miles from the Southern Bahamas into wealthy Spanish Wells, off North Eleuthera undetected through the waters of the Bahamas. And no one saw anything – including the RBDF Marines.

It was at that point on early Friday in the journey when the vessel capsized hitting a sandbar during low tide off Gun Point, near Spanish Wells. Scores of illegals, many of which could not swim wade in the water to the shoreline and vanished into the nearby Haitian shantytown of Blackwood.

Tons of debris were thrown into the water from the capsized vessel along with a trail of oil leached towards the direction of Spanish Wells. The oil spill was visible. But hey which of the many environmental groups gives a damn?

But get this, although this happened on Friday up to Sunday morning Bahamas Press nor any other media agencies in the country got one word of this report from the Defence Force, The Police, The Department for the Environment, Fisheries, or NEMA. And the wutless media remained so mute over the ordeal we wondered if they too were catching a ride deep in the hull of the vessel? Everyone is quiet as if nothing happened, but if there were deaths all kinds of helicopters would be in the air.

Human Trafficking is a big business in the Bahamas! Drug Trafficking is BIG BIG Business in Eleuthera! Haitian Human Trafficking and Drugs go hand in hand! And if you don’t believe us ask any of the agencies to comment on why they remain silent!?

We report yinner decide!

Debris and oil from the Haitian Sloop floating towards Spanish Wells on Friday morning.