Following PM’s visit to Abaco on Sunday another RBDF Marine is shipped out of Abaco!


Major changes at the RBDF after BP’s explosive report on how Marines were sleeping on the floor and starving!

Deputy Commander of the RBDF Dr. Raymond King

ABACO| Bahamas Press is reporting tonight that Prime Minister Hubert Minnis has made more major changes to the structure of the Royal Bahamas Defence Force that presented serious systemic failures in its leadership structure following Hurricane Dorian.

PM Minnis is not satisfied with the security on the ground in Abaco. Yesterday, for the second time, he flew into Abaco where residents did not welcome him.

Following the PM’s trip, BP is learning Deputy Commander Dr. Raymond King has recalled Commander Henry Daxon from Abaco leading the forces there.  The Deputy Commander has now appointed Commander Michael Simmons to become the officer-in-charge for the Defence Force in Marsh Harbour. 

Simmons, we know, is a far more aggressive leader with a hyped-up, supercharged pace for getting things done. Marines now await the necessary sweeping changes in Abaco, including overdue promotions for their sacrificial efforts. Finally, since BP’s report, more than one meal a day is coming for our marines! THIS IS GREAT NEWS!

PM Minnis and his National Security Marvin Dames. They didn’t know you could not appoint a Deputy Commander of the RBDF until the holder of the post [EVANS] leaves!

Meanwhile, Lieutenant Commander Berne Wright has been appointed to serve as Port Controller (Acting). He will be responsible for all government operated port facilities within the Commonwealth of the Bahamas. 

As Port Controller, he oversees the inspection and licensing of all commercial vessels less than 500 gross tons, commercial recreational watercraft, pleasure yachts, and private boats.

We report yinner decide!

PM Minnis leaving Marsh Harbour on Sunday afternoon.