Carl Smith returns to Government Service as PS – but the top brass of the police force are paid and remain home on Vacation Leave? What wrong with you PM MINNIS?


PS returns while needed top police remain on VACATION LEAVE!

Carl Smith new PS for Disaster Preparedness

NASSAU| Well NEMA was closed this weekend and we guess business is back to normal. The agency was blamed for the slow response following the passage of Hurricane Dorian which hit Grand Bahama and Abaco hard.

The response was so bad PM Hubert Minnis started up a new Cabinet post to deal with disaster relief! Carl Smith the former PS who retired recently in big fanfare has left his job in the private sector to return back into the Public Service to set up the new Ministry for Disasters.

Now, Smith is a competent and able public officer. He is best known for his work in the set up of the country’s National Emergency Management Agency [NEMA] when it first began. But like most competent Public Officers the Minnis Government has exercised callous disregard for persons with institutional wisdom, and after 2017 was ready on day one to embrace dumbness, ignorance and dangerous levels of inexperience around the table.

PM reenlisting Smith proves that the Administration accepts it has a dangerous void of talent around the table in the management of the country. If Smith can come back what happened to the many others, who the government knows, it needs but refuses to invite them in the service – LIKE THE 8 TOP BRASS of the ROYAL BAHAMAS POLICE FORCE sent on vacation leave before hurricane Dorian?

PM Minnis needs to get his act together and do right on behalf of the people!

We report yinner decide!