Hundreds Pour Onto Golden Gates Assembly Park Last Evening

A picture which will never hit the Tribune. PLPs gather in great numbers at Golden Gates Assembly Park Last evening. Photos by Andrew J. Burrows.

Dame Marguerite Pindling and Mrs Wisdom seated at the mass PLP rally in Golden Gates last evening.

PLP ROCKSTAR, Perry G. Christie tells Bahamas, all PLP MPs and Senators will vote against the Sale of BTC to Cable and Wireless and shall reverse the sale back into the hands of Bahamians when he returns to power.

PLP strongman Philip ‘Brave’ Davis calls on the Press and the Church Leaders to establish a Truth-O-Meter.

Gibson towers over the hundreds dancing to the smell of victory in Golden Gates last evening.


  1. I trust that the people of The Bahamas seek God before going to the poll in this election. My prayer is that we have a government that have a heart for the people. Yes, I believe in infrastructure, however, people are hurting, can’t pay their mortgages, light, water and some can barely feed there children. God and God alone can bring us out of this state that we are in.

    Pray Bahamas, pray and allow God to lead us through this up coming election.
    God Bless The Bahamas

  2. the plp is the best party for this country
    ilove them so much day need to help san andros and daydo not have to job in andros .andros need helpso bad

    • Why do you love them? They were voted out due to it’s scandal ridden government, but have come back, asking for your vote and not even giving a solution to government corruption. They just want your vote, but you should guard it more carefully than that.

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